Home Series: Landscaping

Its been a little while since my last honest to goodness home post. What better time to do a home series post since I just updated my home with seasonal goodies and I gave a little teaser in my prior post. I’m a true seasonal SecondLife resident. My clothing to landscaping changes with the seasons. I normally set up my yard area while keeping in mind the  necessity to use for  vendor ads. I keep the space fairly cleared but with the right angle looks full and inviting.


The photo collage below is only one section of my yard that I fully landscaped. The other half is full of Cheeky Pea/Pilot collabor88 backyard cinema pieces. When I finish that section I may have a “party” to photograph that area.

at home - landscaping

For now, check out the details for this half of the yard. Feel free to stop in any time as its just behind my mainstore. Just keep in mind this is my home and studio.

Around the Yard:
greenhouse: *. emm by Snowy Melody
trees & fireflies: Happy Mode by Sasaya Kayo
horse: Captivity Poses by Curio.Thistle
grasses: KIDD by Dop Kidd and Forest Floor by Uni Ninetails and Happy Mode by Sasaya Kayo
rocks: Forest Floor by Uni Ninetails
odds & ends: RoMesh by Leviathan Flux
table/chairs & cute couples pose/bench thing: Cheeky Pea by Isla Gealach and Pilot by Kaz Nayar
walkway: MMG’s by Masomaso Quan
brick wall: Rustica by Maxwell Graf

In the Greenhouse:
daybed & radiator: The Loft by Colleen Desmoulins
curtains: nordari. by Jordan Giant
couch: {what next} by Winter.Thorn
signs: MudHoney by Rayvn Hynes

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