Mini-Challenge: Home Screens

I recently changed my homescreen. For me, the screen that welcomes me to SecondLife has always showed something personal to me.


Before I met Express, it’d just be whatever I was doing inworld at the time. But we change it whenever we change our home point. Yup, we always have our home points right next to each other. We’re stupid like that. I digress. Home screens are so rarely shared. As a mini-challenge, if you want to call it that, share with me in the comments of this post, your home screen photos.

I look forward to your photos and perhaps a little statement about them. Thanks for sharing! <3 location: The Forrest of !bang poses

To Set Your Home Screen/Photo:

  1. Open up your Second Life settings folder. The way I do it (on Windows) is that I open up Windows Explorer (or My Computer), type %appdata% in the address bar and then hit enter. When that loads, I look for the SecondLife folder. Express says that its ~/Library/Application Support/SecondLife/ for Macs and ~/.secondlife-something for Linux.
  2. Open up the folder with your avie’s name
  3. Replace the “screen_home.bmp” file with your own photo
  4. Bonus: Replace the “screen_last” file with your own photo, if you want to also change your last location screen as well

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