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First Time User: Firestorm

I was a pretty diehard user of the LL viewer. I’ve never saw the need to swap viewers for everyday use or just for photos. That is until Firestorm was released. I’m really not a reviewer of Third Party Viewers (TPVs). Honestly, I rely on Express for pretty much all my technology stuff from guiding me to the best computer for SL to telling me about viewers. This past week we’ve been yapping about what the new TPVs have to offer. Since he gets technical in his posts, I thought  I’d take a quick look, give my impressions of some of the current viewers and show what’s important to me. This will be done in a series in my Blog Boot Camp section.

For the few minutes I tooled around in the preferences, I easily created specific personalized settings. Its a nice-to-have ability but that’s not what gets me to change viewers. What does though is the photography settings and ease of interface.

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