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Alphabet Challenge: G

Alphabet Challenge - G

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Now that my own challenge is coming to a close, it will feel great to focus a little more on this one. I’m a shade behind too but only by one… I think. As fun as it is, its also difficult. Looking back at the past 6 photos, I’ve stayed true to my own every-day style that I wouldn’t necessarily blog. That’s impressive in my opinion. I’m so happy the girls started this challenge up again.

Now that I have a few of these letters under my belt, check out the past photos on my flickr and everyone’s photos in the Alphabet Challenge group.


Alphabet Challenge: F

Alphabet Challenge - F

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When starting the Alphabet Challenge, I knew I wanted to use Express in the letter E. Due to our schedules lately, I asked him to join for F. We had these avatars since last year or so. Finally we get to wear them for a post (I don’t think we had in the past).


Alphabet Challenge: E

Alphabet Challenge - E

Check out my other Alphabet Challenge posts

I enjoy participating in/hosting these blogger challenges lately. Its a great break from my usual style posts. Just what I needed!  This is a nice test for the soon-to-be changed blog format too. See I’m talking a lot less or trying :P

The sidebar of my blog,, always will have links to other challenges that I’m in so you can join too! Feel free to comment on this post with the links to challenges you’re hosting.


Alphabet Challenge: D

So remember when I said I was testing out a new blog format? Yeah, I suck at change. Srsly tho, thank you too all my plurk fashion-type peoples that responded to my whining flailing pleads for help. They were a god-send for this letter. I changed several times over… finally settled on this look.

Alphabet Challenge - D

Alphabet Challenge; check out


Alphabet Challenge: C

C is for cookie … and the letter of this week’s Alphabet Challenge posed on

Alphabet Challenge - C

Geez, my blog is starting to look like a pimp for blogger challenges. That’s the beauty of owning a blog, its mine. haha Anyway, I’m thinking I may just keep these posts short. Kinda like my last post, just a photo. Going forward they will be just a photo. Testing the waters for doing this for all my posts. idk. I like to ramble sometimes… like now. lol


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