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I am

I am

“Winter makes me want to fall in love… Winter feels like home to me.”

― Unknown

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for no reason

I feel that I’m overdue for a blog post but when thought about it, I’m not. Its my blog and it should happen on my schedule. However Its a hard feeling to shake.  Yes, I realized that my most recent posts have been highlighting my store’s releases. When it comes down to it, I’m really quite proud of my store so why not celebrate it here. The influx of store posts shouldn’t be an indicator of my shopping or styling. There are a few, not many but a good number, of outfits stored, waiting to be blogged. So what’s the hold up you may ask? Well its finding the right location.

for no reason

I’ve been spending a fair amount of time on the Elysion sim for their member-only events. Since their events happen in selected themed sections, I decided to explore the rest of the sim. Taking photos of the grounds should have been in this post but really its a member-only location. Instead, I gave a little tease of this location. Trust me, its really quite well done.

For no reason other than to blog, I did a photo. There I said it!

Back to looking for sim locations for the other outfits that are waiting.

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True Love Never Fades

Downsizing my home for many reasons. I wanted a small place since I’m rarely indoors but I didn’t think I would go this tiny. That was until I saw the potential of doing a different look for my fall landscaping. Pretty sure I’ve not used an elevated space for my main home location. Sure I’ve used it in my skybox. That location is semi-private where this place that I”m showing  is located directly behind my store and all are welcome.

True Love - outdoors

see the interior and the credits after the cut. Read
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