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Cant wait until I feel your rain…

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By now, you're thinking I am going to tell you the episode I told you in the last post! Well, I am sorry! I did half ot the challenge from Luna, but I couldn't finish yet! I will, maybe soon, who knows? Right now, I am tired and


ad, and you will soon find out why!

Umbrella Story Time...

I haven been working lika maniac in real life, which doesn't give me much time to spend in second life. Now, when I can be on second life, I am not sure what to do anymore… I've been wanting to do this post about my umbrellas (shameless self promotion, totally allowed by the blog owner) and about its textures, because I have never show any picture with it! So I've been sewing them in my studio (This freakin' awesome sewing machine -RC- The Loft – Swinger Sewing Machine made me want to say I was sewing LoL) All collours and textures shown in pictures, both open and close options! You can find the umbrella for only 100L$, near the posepack of poses made specifically for the umbrella! You will have to adjust it probably, and it comes it retexture and recolour script, really easy to use! For bigger pictures, check my flickr! For more info on the poses, check my blog!

Rainy day!

The outfit is something I like to put on now and then! I love this vest from MG Fashion! No matter how many times it was blogged, or how long it was released, or even how many posts I've done with it! I just love it and it looks awesome with my Colby shorts! The hair is one of my favourites from Truth and being a rainy day, what a better excuse to use this hair with hat? Oh and this boots?!?! 50L$ in the sale at Pixel Mode! Boots are really cute!!! I am loving it! It's not a Spring look, it is more of an Autumn look, but it suits my mood perfectly! Not happy, not mad, just a little bit sad and apathetic!

While writing this post I am listening to

the song that finally made me do this post. Long time I didn't hear it, and I am happy I did!


Style Sheet:
Hair: >TRUTH< Babyhoney – Chocolate
Shirt: Plain White T-Shirt from .:StoRin:. (unreleased)
Sweater:[MG fashion] Outono outfit sweater – orange (group gift)
Vest: [MG fashion] Vest&Jacket (TealBrown)
Shorts: Colby Shorts in brown from .:StoRin:.
Socks: Maitreya – Slouch Socks (brown)
Arm Warmers: Maitreya Armwarmers – Magnolia
Boots: PM Beebs Suede Boots – Sand
Umbrella: Alice Umbrella from

Pose: .:StoRin:.

Places and Stuff:
Place: My skybox
Furniture: The Loft


*Review* Skin Flicks – Little Black Dress

Oh this is soooo what I’ve been craving … the little black dress.  Mavis McGettigan of Skin Flicks just released her take on the little black dress. She not only did one … but six and a jacket. The jacket I wore as a dress, and still love it.


Some of the dresses come with two option for prims – bling and no bling. Before you cringe hearing the word bling, look closely. Its the tiniest little flecks and don’t flash. Its just a very subtle addition to help break up the black.

So maybe black isn’t your thing. There are several other colors (10 in total) to choose from … I may even pick up the pink set to mix and match. If you see me at Skin Flicks, stop to say hello! See you there!

Products Used
Skin: La Sylphide Poppy Light – Autumn Leaves
Eyes: (Miriel) Realistic Eyes – Light Blue
Lashes: MADesigns EYELASHES ~ Diva
Hair: [Aden] Edie (Platinum)
Jewelry: *EMJ* Platinum Moon Of Jupiter Set
Shoes: Armidi Gisaci – Vidalia Pump – Metallic Noir


Cute or Anti-Cute?

I couldn't decide which direction I should take while getting dressed last night… so this is what I came up with and I am wearing it today and the true is I love it! I think I'll call it cute rebell or something LoL Will it cialis online fit

for ya? Anyway, there's so many awesome things about this outfit, that I am not sure if I can keep it short!

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