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Truth of the Matter

By Elexor Matador  //  Fashion, Hair, Men's Fashion, Reviews  //  6 Comments

Truth of the Matter

So, all you ladies know that Truth makes hair.  Guys don’t much realize it, because Truth doesn’t focus on guys, not that I can blame him.  But he released Tom here, and I thought that i’d give it a try.  I have to say Tom looks good on me. More after the cut…… read more


no better place

I will dream of you
you’ll dream of me too
your arms curled round my waist
there would be no better place

no better place

Interlude (Live) – London Grammar

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His Queen

By Luna Jubilee  //  Clothing  //  1 Comment

his queen

Are you an active Tiny Empires player? Or perhaps, you’ve since retired from the game. If either applies to you, send me, Luna Jubilee, an IM inworld. Let’s talk!

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It Shouldn’t Be This Hard

By Elexor Matador  //  Clothing  //  No Comments

Make me a Sammich!

Great stuff to be found at The Men’s Department!  I found this awesome blazer and shirt set made by etham!  The shirt and the blazer can be colored with pre-set colors and they all look sharp!  Check out The Men’s Department this month to find it!

Now….that being said, I’m relatively new to mesh.  I honestly preferred the old SL, where you found a shirt, double clicked it, and voila!  You are wearing a shirt! I think in the process of trying to match up jeans to this top Luna fell asleep.  I don’t blame her.  It took a LONG time.  So creators….make more complete outfits for guys.  We’re a bit….slow to figure out how to put an outfit together.

By the way, one of my old school faves is a Truth shirt.  Yep…he made clothes once upon a time.  Maybe one of these days I’ll blog that shirt…..and pants….sit tight!

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An Evening Ride….

By Elexor Matador  //  Clothing, Fashion, Men's Fashion, Reviews  //  1 Comment

Evening Ride

Ahhh…winter can officially be retired, as temperatures have hit the mid 80′s here and looks like it should remain as such.  I hate the cold.  Hate it.  I’d rather sweat than shiver, and think people who love the cold are wired wrong.  Good thing in SL we don’t really have to worry about temperatures!

The car is Luna’s, so I’m thinking I’d have to hotwire the thing, since she’s no on….think she’ll notice?  I could always prop it up and run it in reverse to take the mileage off.  :D


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