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His Queen

By Luna Jubilee  //  Clothing  //  1 Comment

his queen

Are you an active Tiny Empires player? Or perhaps, you’ve since retired from the game. If either applies to you, send me, Luna Jubilee, an IM inworld. Let’s talk!

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It Shouldn’t Be This Hard

By Elexor Matador  //  Clothing  //  No Comments

Make me a Sammich!

Great stuff to be found at The Men’s Department!  I found this awesome blazer and shirt set made by etham!  The shirt and the blazer can be colored with pre-set colors and they all look sharp!  Check out The Men’s Department this month to find it!

Now….that being said, I’m relatively new to mesh.  I honestly preferred the old SL, where you found a shirt, double clicked it, and voila!  You are wearing a shirt! I think in the process of trying to match up jeans to this top Luna fell asleep.  I don’t blame her.  It took a LONG time.  So creators….make more complete outfits for guys.  We’re a bit….slow to figure out how to put an outfit together.

By the way, one of my old school faves is a Truth shirt.  Yep…he made clothes once upon a time.  Maybe one of these days I’ll blog that shirt…..and pants….sit tight!

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An Evening Ride….

By Elexor Matador  //  Clothing, Fashion, Men's Fashion, Reviews  //  1 Comment

Evening Ride

Ahhh…winter can officially be retired, as temperatures have hit the mid 80’s here and looks like it should remain as such.  I hate the cold.  Hate it.  I’d rather sweat than shiver, and think people who love the cold are wired wrong.  Good thing in SL we don’t really have to worry about temperatures!

The car is Luna’s, so I’m thinking I’d have to hotwire the thing, since she’s no on….think she’ll notice?  I could always prop it up and run it in reverse to take the mileage off.  :D


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Bling, Beautiful Bling!

By Elexor Matador  //  Clothing  //  1 Comment

Bling!  Beautiful Bling!

Alright, this is simply gorgeous. I heard bling is making a comeback.


Necklace not for sale. Too much bling might be bad for the grid, so out of safety for all the creator, whoever that may be, has decided to keep this little gem to themself. Such a pity, really.


Mix And Mash

By Elexor Matador  //  Clothing, Fashion, Mesh, Reviews  //  1 Comment

Mix em Up

You’d think after being in SL for over 9 years, I’d keep my inventory in control.  Well, I do.  Sort of.  See, I don’t delete anything.  Like….nothing at all.  I have thousands of “Objects” in there, as well as several hundred “Snapshots” in my huge inventory.

So yeah, there’s a lot in there.  Why does this matter?  I kept things because I would never know when I would need it.  What color I might need, or things like that.

Well, as we all know (or some of us are just finding out *cough*) creators have gotten pretty smart.  They let you color their items!  Imagine that!  (Listen, I know a lot of you already knew that….some of us who never went shopping much in our lives are just getting around to things like this.  I heard they make flexi hair now.  I may have to investigate.)

I digress, of course….so here I have put on a blazer/shirt/tie combo from Kal Rau, who I love, and you’ll see more things from in the future, as well as tuxedo pants from hoorenbeek.  To finish the outfit, I have dress shoes from iNEDIT.  What I really like about this outfit is that I put it together Frankenstein style, as the tux pants can be used for blazers as well, which is convenient.  Along with the tux pants, I used their cuffs as well.  I thought it was a nice touch with the white shirt.

The blazer/shirt/tie combo have a great colorization/texture option for all three items.  you can tint the shirt any color you wish as well as the tie.  The blazer allows you to change textures and tints as well, making it an outfit for all occasions.

The shoes, Redford, also have three built in leather colors, Black, Brown and Maroon.  You can also tint them any color you’d like, just in case you think you would like to have purple neon shoes.

All of this gives you thousands of choices with this outfit, so be bold!  (Says the guy in all black…..)


Shape:  Custom Shape by Lex
Hair: Chris,  *Redgrave*
Eyes:  ShootingStar, *Redgrave*
Skin: Chris, *Redgrave*
Blazer/Shirt/Tie:  Casual Blazer M5_Black, <kal rau>
Cuffs:  Classic Tuxedo, hoorenbeek
Pants: Classic Tuxedo, hoorenbeek
Shoes: *Redford*, iNEDIT
Pose:  Dante1, Diesel Works …..only because someone doesn’t have a bunch of male stand poses…… *ahem!*


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