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Going on vacation for a week so blogging will cease until I’m back and recovered from the jet lag! I’ll miss all of you. To keep your reading and shopping addiction going while I’m off doing real life things, be sure to visit these folk’s blogs or stores: (back row, l-r) Ewan Mureaux, Wavie Haller, River Stromfield; (front row, l-r) me, Isla Gealach, Valena Vacano, Katya Valeska

Be silly, find trouble often & tell me all about it when I return in a week <3

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*Review* SySy's Designs

By Luna Jubilee  //  Costumes  //  2 Comments

SySy Chapman has a fully loaded store called Sysy’s Designs.  I have been an avid supporter of Sysy for some time.  I really do enjoy showing off her styles.  Its nice to find a design house I can depend on to have excellent textures regardless of what I am looking for.  SySy has no problems creating alittle something for everyone. Amber, the first dress shown, is ideal for me when I’m looking for a cute sassy dress for shopping or even check out the live music scene.  The second dress, Java, is great for weddings or going dancing with my special guy.  Head over to Sysy’s Designs to see for yourself all her designs.

Sysy’s Designs

Products Used: Maitreya, Insolence, DK, Novocaine, Dutch Touch, Genesis, Battered Boudior.


*Review* – *Beauty Avatar*

I am amoung the selected bunch of fashion bloggers invited to review *Beauty Avatar*.  I was kinda shocked when I received the group invitation.  Its nice to be recongized by this team of designers.  The other day a call was sent out to the bloggers to check out the products.  Searching in the stores to find things, I ended up with this laundry list of items. As not to be so bold to submit such a long list, I paired it waaaay down.  What remained, as well as other items for future reviews, was this skin and dress with plumes.

Hollywood, the name that is so fitting for the dress and dimond glittered wings, is a short skirted ensemble.  Upon first glance, its a modern aline skirt with a knot is classic and clean lined. Not until I look at the skirt’s pattern did I see the cute diamonds that seem to match well with the glitter in the plumes. Very nicely done, with or without the full plumage.

SELKIS (shown in Natural Skin 21) was the very first item I saw from *Beauty Avatar*.  What attracted me to the skin is the “not so pink” lip. Its just enough color to be noticed and not overpower the rest of the makeup.  Even the eyes have a softness about them. The “Natural Skin 21″ is just perfect to dress up, like shown with the Holywood dress”, or pair with jeans and a sweater (my latest fav).

The cute wedge shoes called “Emma” are also from *Beauty Avatar*.  They are shown in black. If black isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other colors. 

*Beauty Avatar* has a plethora of amazing finds for women and men in both skins and accessories.

*Beauty Avatar*


*Review* Bluebell Productions – Show Girl

I have a small confession, I love reviewing costumes.  Its a fun break from the norm.  Roxette Wise, the owner of Bluebell Productions, really did this sassy little number right as she knows  that we all enjoy having the different layer options.  This vivacious high-cut ensemble is highlighted by the lace overlay. The same lace detail is repeated on the thigh-high stockings. Hello sexah!

Now the real show stopper is the hand-drawn feathers. You have to really appreciate those who take that extra step.  She takes great pride in her work, and I can see why.

“Show Girl” comes in several other colors all with white feathers. Thanks Roxette for sharing with me. I had a blast with this review :)

Bluebell Productions


*Review* RH Designs – The Wishbringer

Sure Rebel Hope Designs is known for gorgeous gowns … but did you know there isan equally stunning costume line?! “The Wishbringer” is her newest costume.  I was shocked to see how many pieces are apart of this design.  What really got my attention is the pose stage. This really showcases each of the pieces beautifully.  Using the stand, the non clothing attachments are highlighted.  The costume comes with a sickle and staff with a crescent moon.  As well as an orb to hold that is either with our without particles. I can’t forget to mention the soft feather like wings that seem to naturally cascade from the shoulders.

As for the clothing, each layer and attachment is very well crafted.  Not to be outdone but once revealed as the layers are removed, the bra and bodice that are left are simply sexy.  Each element, together or seperate, can play up any roleplaying or costume party.

I can’t say enough about Rebel or this costume.  The Wishbringer, I think, is one of her most elaborate designs yet … and really can only be a milestone in a remarkable career … and a stepping stone for much much more!

Rebel Hope Designs


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