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mirror of the soul

I got brand new eyes. I was probably a little past due since my last pair was purchased over 18 months ago. For some reason I don’t change my eyes very often but should. They really changed my look. Also for this post, tried a new post-process technique. Not sure if I really got it right but I’m willing to continue trying it on other photos. Do you see a difference? Of course with my eyes or with the photo?

mirror of the soul

Les yeux sont le miroir de l’âme

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~Hunt~ :: Exodi :: A Quest for Flesh

After a week of waiting to get a chance to complete Ryker Beck’s hunt, A Quest for Flesh, the wait is over. The hunt is now opened!


You will search for 23 candy boxes. Each box once clicked will disappear only to be dropped somewhere else.  The boxes hold different prizes. The same candy will be the same prize – but it can be a trick or a treat! So even if you found the candy you want – you might not get the item but the candy box instead. The choice is random – so keep hunting until you get the prize.

Remember – 23 prizes! The prizes range from eyes, female skins and the yet-to-be-released men’s skins.

Scarlet and I were fortunate enough to do the hunt early. All week I’ve been checking out the female skins – wow! Not until today, Express ran over to hunt for the Doc Manhattan skin and eyes (I’m not telling what candy boxes to look for)… it is such a fun hunt. Just go to Exodi, the main store, and look for the sign to TP to the hunt location.

Happy Hunting!

On Express
skin: :: Exodi :: Nazareth Doc Manhattan (Halloween 2009)
eyes: :: Exodi :: Doc Manhattan Eyes

On Luna
skin: :: Exodi :: Lily Doc Manhattan (Halloween 2009)
eyes: :: Exodi :: Doc Manhattan Eyes

Pose: Glitterati Poses – Breast Cancer Awareness – Friends 2 (mod to fit)
Backdrop: [OMFG] Teh Shack


*Review* Virus Company & Ricochet

Virus Company & Ricochet is owned by Kisten Bailey.  She has a sharp eye for detail and all things grungy, earthy, gritty and slightly twisted.  I was totally amazed with what I found at VC.  It ranges from hair to clothing and poses to skin.


What I showed here is only a small sampling of her work. Its not the typical expected finds.  Take the denim. Yes its in a fat pack and sold separately. What I didn’t fully expect is the options – with or with the added pockets, open or closed pockets, rolled or straight cuffs (for the long pants). The cool thing is you can mix those option up to fit your style – make it your own!

The long tube tops are classics. Tons of vibrant color with a muted feel.  All come in a jacket layer and in two styles – standard and torn. I’m digging the hint of belly.

The skin is such a hidden gem. Ricochet is connected to VC just to the right of the entrance.  Several collections are available. This one is called Brooklyn.  Brooklyn has something like 30 makeups – something for everyone! Its gritty and earthy and a few sweet makeups. I used some of the more dramatic grunge looks in the clothing pic. Here’s one of the more “mainstream” makeups called “Sullen”:


If you are in the market for new eyes, stop by to see what this store offers.  There are over 40 to choose. Its great to see the unique colors that range from not-so-natural to natural.  Many colors are not what you typically would see but would totally enjoy.

Check out Virus Company and Ricochet!

Kisten also maintains a blog –

Skin: (Ricochet) Brooklyn Skin -Shaved- (Cream) Coal, (Ricochet) Brooklyn Skin -Shaved- (Cream) Flight, (Ricochet) Brooklyn Skin -Shaved- (Cream) Fixation
Hair: .:.Foam!.:. -The Drifter~ Blondes E
Eyes: (VC) Murky Eyes – 32, 22
Shirt: (VC) Long Tube Tee – (Aqua torn), (Brown), (Pink)
Pants: (VC) Troublemaker (Dark Denim) – Capris, Shorts, Straight Jeans
Choker: (VC) Undecided Choker
Belt: (VC) Rebel Belt (Small)
Bracelet: (VC) Rebel Wrist Cuff (Large)(Cuff and Handcuffs)
Goggles: Wayward Goggles – (black/head), (brown/head)
Tat: Tattoo the Wired Garden_GoK, [HUZ]-Dark Floral-Shaded, [U] All You Motherfuckers *Light* by iNFLiCT
Shoes: >TRUTH< Shreds [storm fleur]


Protected: He Said / She Said: SKANDALOOSE

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And the "Eyes" have it!

[ Riddle ] Realistic Brights - True Blue

Riddle - Realistic Brights - True Blue

Lately, I’ve been handed some eyes to review.  On the flip side, I’ve usually worn the same two or three eyes fairly faithfully.  That is until now.  I’m pretty critical about changing something like my eye – shape or color.  There are a great many eye designers and only a few can really capture a depth of an eye or have an appropriate size that I like.

One designer who’s eyes I’ve been wearing more and more is [ Riddle ].  What I particularly like the prim eye attachments.  The eyes come with the eye itself (as we all know eyes to be) and then two different prim attachments.  These prims attach to the appropriate eye. First is the “curved” version (shown), this covers the entire eye’s mesh. The flat prim only over the iris.  I’ve seen [ Riddle ]’s eyes come in white and natural.  Natural has more of a blood-shot look.

DaneMarkZ Baby blues

DaneMarkZ just recently became into my review rotation and now in my eyeball collection.  DMZ just recently unveiled their new line of eyes.  I really enjoy the full eye shape and the color selections.  Each color is rich and dramatic.

Its not that one designer is better than the other in the post. It is to show the different styles there are on the grid. Sure they look almost the same as I close the pale blue tone. Once you see them on yourself or on someone else, really investigate.  Check out the iris coloring, how the eye fits in your shape’s eye and how they can change your overall look.


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