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Luna loves some polka dots

It wasn’t long ago when Pixel Mode released shoes named after me. This time, again, I wanted to keep it a secret, its about polka dots. We have all the great add ons and texture changes. There’s a huge assortment of color combos for making the dots pop off the shoes. Aren’t they just sexy as hell!

Luna loves some polka dots

A blogger”s note: I know what you’re doing Color Challenge bloggers! I seeeee you! lol Thank you so much for all the kind words, insanely fun photos and the love. You all are too good to me. <3

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Love me some Luna

I can’t put into words how honestly excited I was when Tya told me she wanted to make shoes named after me. It was so damn hard to not think about it and then keep it quiet at the same time. Her IMs and the photos of the shoes in process were killing me with anticipation. Finally I get to show them off!

Love me some Luna

See the different shoe fabrics and options: Leathers, Velvets, Leathers with Woods. The best part – All Mesh and Unrigged!

Thank you Tya for putting so much work into these amazing shoes <3

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Naked Thursdays

I promise I was planning to do some sort of styling with this post. It just didn’t happen that way. The shoes are just too sexy and well … it quickly became Naked Thursday in my studio.

naked thursdays

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Electric Avenue

I’ve been holding on to this outfit from Muhi. I found it when shopping at LeeZu. She has a few designers showcased (I’m hoping this is still there). What a great way to help promote other brands!

Another item I kept in my inventory for longer than I care to admit is this hair. I had to channel my inner Cher for it and cyber. And had to wait for the best and right time. I felt this was it.

electric avenue

At first I was thinking boots something thigh high for this outfit but then SLink came out with these shoes. I knew immediately I wanted to wear them with this outfit.

The shoes are really unique with the twine that wraps around the ankle, foot and heel. Its a nicely constructed and well designed shoe. In my opinion the toes are slightly long but not a deal killer. Overall, its a great shoe for any inventory – cyber or not!

electric avenue 1

Also these are my first photos using the beta SL viewer’s Depth of Field. A few months back I did a Blog Boot Camp tutorial on this topic for another viewer. I like how these pictures turned out.

Location: Hangers South

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Shoe Fair Opened

Did you know Shoe Fair is going on?! If not, wake up! Its all over the feeds!

I’ve been back and forth numerous times since the preview day. Each time I’m finding something new or new-to-me to pick up. My inventory is bursting. Really, it is! I may not blog it all but for sure over time I’ll show off my finds. This time, its all about Decoy. Pretty much likin’ these shoes. This pair is even in a not-so-usual color for me too.

shoe fair 2011

When you get over to the fair, be sure you deprim and leave all scripted stuff at home. Folks would like to experience the fair in a positive way. Its a great event. I highly encourage you all to visit. Shoe Fair 2011 location

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