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Fusion Magazine – Cover Model

I was asked to be on the cover and interviewed for a Second Life publication, Fusion Magazine.  Read my interview.

Fusion Magazine - May 2014

Libby Farleigh, owner of this ever popular magazine, reached out to me a few weeks ago to ask if I pose to be on the cover.The cover photo was taken by the ever talented Xantheanne and interviewed the famous Rylan Carling. It was a real honor to work with this bunch.

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Six Years and Counting –

Today marks the sixth anniversary of my blog. Thanks to my Express for reminding… several times during the past week. I would have totally derp’d out on this post then been mad at myself for missing the milestone. Someone told me when I first started this adventure that it will be tough for me to be anything else. I took it as a compliment when it may have not been intended as one. My blog has become a part of me.

6 years -

Thank you for sticking with me all these years as I may have not donned all articles of clothing or even bared it all. Of course all for the name of blogging!



our place

AN OLD farm-house with meadows wide,
And sweet with clover on each side;
A bright-eyed boy, who looks from out
The door with woodbine wreathed about
And wishes his one thought all day:
“O, if I could but fly away
From this dull spot, the world to see,
How happy, happy, happy,
How happy I should be!”

Our new home

Amid the city’s constant din,
A man who round the world has been,
Who, mid the tumult and the throng,
Is thinking, thinking all day long:
“O, could I only tread once more
The field-path to the farm-house door,
The old, green meadow could I see,
How happy, happy, happy,
How happy I should be!”

Two Pictures by Annie D. Green

filed in Luna Jubilee’s Happy Things

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Things don’t always work out

Planning and execution are two different things. I wanted to showcase another Vignette but I felt the interior of my home just wasn’t right for the story I planned. Or at least not just yet.


This was one of the photos I planned to show to help tell the story. This photo or perhaps the angle … or maybe its the all zombie shows I’ve been watching, that conveys the “something wicked comes this way”. Of course, its not the emotion I was looking for to tell the story I planned. Of course!  Instead, I did a semi-raw shot. I did clip and clean the photo a little. I posted a variant on my flickr stream showing the amount of editing I typically do on photos.

Stay tuned for that story…

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Happy Holidays 2012

Happy Holidays 2012

We wish you all the best for this holiday season <3


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