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Six Years and Counting –

Today marks the sixth anniversary of my blog. Thanks to my Express for reminding… several times during the past week. I would have totally derp’d out on this post then been mad at myself for missing the milestone. Someone told me when I first started this adventure that it will be tough for me to be anything else. I took it as a compliment when it may have not been intended as one. My blog has become a part of me.

6 years -

Thank you for sticking with me all these years as I may have not donned all articles of clothing or even bared it all. Of course all for the name of blogging!



our place

AN OLD farm-house with meadows wide,
And sweet with clover on each side;
A bright-eyed boy, who looks from out
The door with woodbine wreathed about
And wishes his one thought all day:
“O, if I could but fly away
From this dull spot, the world to see,
How happy, happy, happy,
How happy I should be!”

Our new home

Amid the city’s constant din,
A man who round the world has been,
Who, mid the tumult and the throng,
Is thinking, thinking all day long:
“O, could I only tread once more
The field-path to the farm-house door,
The old, green meadow could I see,
How happy, happy, happy,
How happy I should be!”

Two Pictures by Annie D. Green

filed in Luna Jubilee’s Happy Things

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Things don’t always work out

Planning and execution are two different things. I wanted to showcase another Vignette but I felt the interior of my home just wasn’t right for the story I planned. Or at least not just yet.


This was one of the photos I planned to show to help tell the story. This photo or perhaps the angle … or maybe its the all zombie shows I’ve been watching, that conveys the “something wicked comes this way”. Of course, its not the emotion I was looking for to tell the story I planned. Of course!  Instead, I did a semi-raw shot. I did clip and clean the photo a little. I posted a variant on my flickr stream showing the amount of editing I typically do on photos.

Stay tuned for that story…

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Happy Holidays 2012

Happy Holidays 2012

We wish you all the best for this holiday season <3


Mini-Challenge: Home Screens

I recently changed my homescreen. For me, the screen that welcomes me to SecondLife has always showed something personal to me.


Before I met Express, it’d just be whatever I was doing inworld at the time. But we change it whenever we change our home point. Yup, we always have our home points right next to each other. We’re stupid like that. I digress. Home screens are so rarely shared. As a mini-challenge, if you want to call it that, share with me in the comments of this post, your home screen photos.

I look forward to your photos and perhaps a little statement about them. Thanks for sharing! <3

location: The Forrest of !bang poses

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