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Upstaged by a Pig

Gather all your coins! Dig around in your couches and look deep in your purses for loose change. You’re gonna need it all when you attend the newest event, The Arcade! This quarterly gacha event opens tomorrow and will last a full month. Hurry in now so you can get a head start on the trading frenzy!

upstaged by a pig

I’m showing just a teeny tiny little sampling of the goodies that can be found at the event. While you wait your turn, you can check out the official shopping guide or even view folks with their winnings posted on the event’s Flickr page.

Express and I are on the short list of official bloggers. I’m thankful to have him with me for this as there is a ton to check out and you’ll get two points of view too. We are both excited as we start to plan more posts to showcase even more of our winnings.

If you’re looking for special items or are looking to trade, I started a plurk to help. if you don’t have plurk, create an account!

See you at The Arcade! (location coming soon)

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1 closes

By Luna Jubilee  //  News  //  4 Comments

With a heavy heart, Express and I have decided to close We’ve been planning closing for awhile due to the other SL and our own RL obligations. We were more than honored and humbled by the support and generosity of the SecondLife Community for our feeds.

goodbyes are never fun

Since June 1, 2009, I’ve always been proud of and that we we were able to create it for vast and ever-growing blogging group. Closing the feeds will certainly leave a whole in my heart. I’ve honestly loved supporting the new bloggers and well-established sites. It felt good to do so. Perhaps something in the future will allow me to do that again.

Express and I are closing this chapter and saying goodbye to

We have loved you all for so long … Thank you, thank you, thank you and so many more times over.

<3 Luna & Express


Join Me: Subjot

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This morning I found Subjot while surfing Twitter. SubJot is a great concept as it allows you to follow others by topic. Yes, by topic. I know just this one feature alone is a god-send for me. Every post on the site is assigned a topic. Its so easy to follow or not follow topics from those you follow.

Social Media

Subjot is still growing and its easy to join – just click here.

To learn more about the site, check out this post by Charnita Fance. She not only gives a thorough overview of features but also shows screen caps. Who doesn’t like pictures!? 

Also, if you’re nervous about being deleted for using a “fake account” like other new trendy social media sites, this one was created by a SecondLife resident. For that reason alone, its a site worth checking out. Read the WeAreNYTech article about Chris Carella (and his wife)’s story about how Subjot started.

Join me on Subjot

If you want, see my blog’s sidebar for all the places to follow me on other social media sites.

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By Luna Jubilee  //  News  //  3 Comments

Collabor88 launches tomorrow, August 8. It is the most anticipated event this season.  Each month, on the eighth day, this event showcases new designers who will offer items at really good prices. I’m thinking the price just might be 88L but that’s just a guess.

As for the designers, this time, are: Ingenue, ElikatiraArtilleriThe Sea HoleTruth HairIllusory, and more! The products range from animations to home decor to clothing and hair. I’m showing off two designers and their items in this post.


The skirts & bustiers are from Ingenue. To my surprise, they are named after yours truly! What a great honor! I have yet to take off these skirts for either avatar lol

The other featured product for Collabor88 is Elikatira, its on me as a blonde. She’ll offer two different styles and what looks to be in a full color line!

This is just the beginning of all the awesomeness for this event. I can’t wait to see the rest. Even the location is perfect. I”m so happy to be on the official press team for the Collabor88.

Check the event’s blog for the location and more details. From the sounds of it, you may even see a few us of blogging there!

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LoLo’s Coffee Break

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There’s a new event happening. This one is on the LoLo sim and called Coffee Break. Its a small event where all the designers on the LoLo sim plus 1 special guest will place out an item in the cafe. The items are marked down just 50-100L. Its a great deal, ain’t it?!

Coffee Break cafe

Come see all the designers before April 15th.

Designers participating:
Caroline’s Jewelry
Grixdale (the special guest)