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Going on vacation for a week so blogging will cease until I’m back and recovered from the jet lag! I’ll miss all of you. To keep your reading and shopping addiction going while I’m off doing real life things, be sure to visit these folk’s blogs or stores: (back row, l-r) Ewan Mureaux, Wavie Haller, River Stromfield; (front row, l-r) me, Isla Gealach, Valena Vacano, Katya Valeska

Be silly, find trouble often & tell me all about it when I return in a week <3

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Vacation Time

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Its the first time in a real ol’ long time that I’m going away for vacation. So that means all my posts after this one will be auto-posted. All my 52 Weeks of Color posts won’t miss a beat unless unless WP messes up the auto-post. I’ll leave Express in charge of my blog and push posts if needed. Yup, I left him with a “honey do list”! lol

Vacation Time

I’m keeping this post short with no style credits since I’m in middle of packing. If you need to message me please do only send notecards to me so I don’t miss your messages. Can’t keep me away but this time its gonna happen since there so much relaxing to catch up on and mojitos to drink.

See you in a week or so! <3


Remembering 9-11

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**RL Post**

Last year I shared my 9-11 story.  This year I wanted to share what transpired last night.  Last night, instead of reading my current novel, I pulled out one particular journal.

The journal itself wasn’t like the others even. Its brown, hard lined, thicker paper and gold edged. As gifts, people send me journals. Most are beautifully crafted, pink or floral or have ribbon bookmarkers. This one is the opposite. It has a strong leather spine and my initials embossed on the front corner in a stiff font. Its the only one in my collection that is this visually unique.

I climbed into my big overstuffed chair only to have my pug join me. As she snored, I read.  Its our usual routine.

The spine cracked open and I saw the first date: August 18th.  This entry talks about my sister’s bbqand a recent phone call with my elderly grandmother. Not many doodles, just written words.

I flipped forward a few pages to September. Reading only a few entries here and there. Nothing of note … and oddly not that many entries.  After only a few page turns, I found my first post about 9-11. It talks about that day, the stillness in the air that still haunts me, the clear blue skies and the numbness that surrounded me.

I read my own words and sometimes pausing to remember the friends who’s names were before me. Soon I realized, the pages were filled with doodles. Most nonsensical and many were floral vines and loops. These abstracts soon consumed the page. It was, as if at the time, I couldn’t form the necessary words but needed to keep the pen moving.

Kind of like now, I want to say something here in this post. Share something but not sure what exactly.  Maybe its to say that this day is and will remain an emotional day for me. Or maybe its for me to remember what it was like to shake my friend’s hand as he left to attend a funeral in full military attire.  His white gloved hand outstretched to meet mine. Feeling that soft cotton knowing that soon a widow will feel a similar hand as an American flag is presented to her during the ceremony.

I lost many friends that day … and have many overseas carrying out the honor and duty to serve in the armed forces. 

Never forget.


Counting Hairs Not Sheep

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Oh oh oh! I’m getting reports of the all the fabboo-ness at the Hair Fair ’08. Yes, D Listers, The Hair Fair opened today!! I have a full wallet of $L and have my running shoes laced. As soon as I can get inworld, I’m making a mad dash to fight the lag to several of my fav hair designers … and of course will be strolling on over to some not-so-well-known designers. All weekend I plan to show off the new “do’s” … and the usual “Luna” findings on the grid.

**Offline at the moment … but don’t worry, Parker, my 3yo pug is keeping watch**


Paranoid? Drink Coffee.

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*Warning this post is complete and utter randomness*

Some of you by now figured out I’ve got ubber quiet in game. Tonite I was browsing blogs and crappieola.  WordPress has this cool feature thingy with tags. Basically its a list of other wordpress blogs that allegedly talk about my same topics.  Not once have I seen one about second life.  I’m really not smart enough to why wordpress *thinks* they talk about the same topics.


A few trends I’ve noticed – blog titles are pretty much arbitrary and virtually mean nothing in regards to the post’s content … and these randomly listed blogs are, for the most part, entertaining.

Ok so these blogs. Funny stuff. I can’t explain it really but they made me laugh and others made me stop to think about a few things.

As one blog said it all … and I will repeat for your reading pleasure – Its just a blog. Get over it.

So go ahead read between the lines.  Save me the effort.

*Disclaimer: I have no clue if drinking coffee cures paranoia. I’m not a doctor but ask nicely I might play nurse for ya.*


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