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Rose by any other name

Rose - Glam Affair

A brand new skin was announced today at Glam Affair. This one is called Rose, ain’t she beautiful? In all the years I’ve been a fan of GA (even under its older brand name!), I’ve wanted to have my photo hung on their walls. It might be a little vain but it makes me happy to say … my photo is hung! One more item checked off my Dream Big list.

Check out the photo and, oh, the Rose skin line at Glam Affair.

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Find Me Meme

Its been a little while since I’ve done a “find me” post where I list a good chunk of sites where you can follow me. Typically, like my blog, I use the different social sites to talk about my store or even things that happen in my real life.

find me meme

We live in a time where is so easy to sign up for a ton of the various social media sites. Its really ridiculous to have so many active places at least it is in my opinion. I’m honestly found the most on a handful of sites so my full list is listed on my blog’s sidebar. I’d rather list only those where I’m active – don’t forget to add me if you use the same sites:

find me meme

Tell me what social sites on where you can be found. Create a blog post (or whatever you’d like) that lists the site you use to be social. Once you do, come back here, and post your link in the comments. This way you can follow others and perhaps others will start to follow you!

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Seventh Rez Day

By Luna Jubilee  //  SLife  //  1 Comment

Each year I create a post reflecting on my prior 12 months and usually do a collage of various past photos. I could talk about the loss of my greatest SL love but won’t. Funny how I noted in my last rez day post that “something big was waiting on the horizon”. Reflecting on the past, I feel, was already discussed and you may have read about either in my plurks or right here on my blog. I want this year’s rez day post to be different.

. snowball fight .

My friends range from the close circle to the those who dwell in the woodwork to only come out for the hug or the occasional silly chat when it matters the most. Knowing you are all there is what keeps me whole. We rally around each other in our own unique ways but yet still find a way to come together when it matters most. Again, in our own special way.

Each of you is cherished. Secondlife wouldn’t be the same without any of you whom I call friend. Thank you for making my seven years in Secondlife so special.


Self Promotion: The Blogging Basics

By Express Zenovka  //  BootCamp, SLife  //  No Comments

One thing I mentioned in my last post but didn’t cover is how SL residents can self promote their content. It’s a bit of a large topic, and wasn’t directly related to feeds so I decide to split it into is own little post.
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Feeds And Why They Don’t Matter (Anymore)

By Express Zenovka  //  SLife  //  3 Comments

It’s a been nearly a year and a half since Luna and I decided to close It certainly wasn’t an easy decision, but we decided to shut down the service because we felt that feeds were no longer a good way to look at new content in SL.

As other big feeds have shut down over time and newer ones popped up to take their place, we’re still standing by our decision.

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