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Self Promotion: The Blogging Basics

By Express Zenovka  //  BootCamp, SLife  //  No Comments

One thing I mentioned in my last post but didn’t cover is how SL residents can self promote their content. It’s a bit of a large topic, and wasn’t directly related to feeds so I decide to split it into is own little post.
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Feeds And Why They Don’t Matter (Anymore)

By Express Zenovka  //  SLife  //  4 Comments

It’s a been nearly a year and a half since Luna and I decided to close It certainly wasn’t an easy decision, but we decided to shut down the service because we felt that feeds were no longer a good way to look at new content in SL.

As other big feeds have shut down over time and newer ones popped up to take their place, we’re still standing by our decision.

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They Are Coming

By Luna Jubilee  //  SLife  //  1 Comment

Get ready they are coming! Bees Through the Seasons is a brand new month-long event and only four times a year will the bees appear.  This round is loaded with some of my favorite designers but also there are some that were new-to-me. The group is small and intimate so don’t be afraid to visit a few times to explore the venue while shopping.

They are coming

Is it not just an adorable venue for this event?! I do plan to show some of the products I picked up while snapping photos. Until then, keep up to date by joining the group. Bees Through the Seasons opens November 24th!


Its My 6th Rez Day

By Luna Jubilee  //  SLife  //  6 Comments

Today I celebrate my 6th rez day. Express tells me to tell you all, “I’m old… OLD!”. Ugh. That was not supportive of him but I guess he’s right, ugh? Nothing really big has happened this past year but its oddly comforting. Could this mean I’m finally feeling good about who I am and what I’m doing in SecondLife?

Its my 6th rez day

I look forward to my seventh year and wonder what it could hold for me. Could something big for me be on the horizon?

Thank you for the support and love through the years. I know that that is what keeps me going and logging in for more. Thank you so much <3


No Bra Day

Today is No Bra Day or was it July 9th? Regardless, join me by going braless today as a way to raise awareness for Breast Cancer research. October is designated as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So why couldn’t today or any other day in October or even year-round be the day to go braless.

No Bra Day

Help more folks celebrate more birthdays, donate to the Susan G. Komen Fund or your favored charity.

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