Estates d’Jubilee

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Estates d’Jubilee is a luxury rental sim. We strive to meet our tenants needs and keeping a beautiful sim. We ask that you follow a few rules for decor, homes, and landscaping.


Please ensure you have read this in its entirety. By renting and others moving in with you on Jubilee, it is understood you and those living with you, including your visitors, have read and will follow the rules and guidelines.
This will be updated at owners discretion and without notice. If or when new guidelines are created, be sure to check notices for your updated copy

For those who rent at Estate d’Jubilee: please be sure you and your subtenants are in our rez group: * Estates d’Jubilee *
This is the only way to rez on the sim. No exceptions.

Amatorum group members, while in the group, will be offered 50% off their rental fees.

(revised 16JUN2017)

General Guidelines

– Be courteous and kind to your neighbors at all times. Being an ass will not be tolerated by you, those you live with or your visitors. Being rude will get you ejected, without refund. We are community.

– Entering other people’s homes with first being invited is off limits, always.

– There is a 24 hour grace period to pay rent. We understand that you may not be online at the very second your rent is expired, but you will be in arrears, and will need to pay for that time to make your rent current.
If it past that 24 hour mark, you items will be returned and the plot will be made available to rent.
Please be mindful of your rent expiration.

Parcel Guidelines

Prim Allotment:
Rent is based on prims allocated to you. If you go over this amount you will be asked to remove prims to put you back at your allocated prim count. If after 12 hours you have not done so, items will be returned to you. Estates d’Jubilee takes no responsibility for lost items.
Extra prims are available at an additional cost, and in increments of 50 prims. Please contact Luna Jubilee for a prim increase.
If unsure of your prim count, you can touch your rental box to ask it for a prim count. Or you can contact Luna Jubilee to double check your prim count too.
Your objects are to fit to within your own parcel boundaries. If you don’t know where your parcel boundaries are, press control, shift, alt, P to highlight parcel borders or press the Land button in your viewer.

Landscaping your plot is key to keeping the sim looking beautiful. Estates d’Jubilee is a luxury community. A lot of effort and detail has gone into the surroundings and general sim design. Please refrain from rezzing items that do NOT match the general sim design and overall look. For example: poofers, unnatural colored trees and such, spinners, eyesores, large dicks, as funny as they are, let’s keep those in our mesh pants, k?

Rezzing in public spaces:
You are welcome to play in the lagoon (rez water crafts and such) or around the common areas (like rez bikes and such or planes and aircraft). But please clean up after yourself. Anything left behind will be returned to it’s owner. Estates d’Jubilee takes no responsibility for lost items.
As always, as stated before, no entering into people’s homes. This includes their plots/parcels. Its trespassing.

House Selections for those who opted to rent an empty plot:
First and foremost, rez your home not only in your designated plot, but be sure it fits the look and feel of the sim (no giant treehouses, castles, trailer parks, etc). No one wants to see that, or live near it. If you like those things, then this sim is not for you. Mainland will welcome you with open prim arms.
Do NOT rez a home that is already shown on the sim. So take a look around, if someone else has that house, don’t be that guy who rezzes the same house.

Radio stations and media can be change upon request. Submit your request to Luna Jubilee.
All parcels have privacy settings turned on as a standard upon renting. If yours does not, contact Luna Jubilee to have this updated.
Yes you may have a platform. All platforms are to be no less than 2500 meters above your parcel.

Group Chat Guidelines

– Group chat in Estates d’Jubilee is to be kept respectful at all times; no exception.
– No advertising in group.


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