Scarlet Hudson

ScarletScarlet, Luna’s first alt, was created to start a clothing store but soon became a type of closet for all things transferable. Soon she was out shopping and collecting her own items. That shopping bug wore off onto Luna and she was the one that got caught up in the blogging.  The two worlds collided … and now come full circle. Scarlet joins Luna in her blogging adventures. Scarlet, the one who is still quiet, blogs the darker skins tones and colors typically aren’t worn by Luna.


Ranger Theas

Review - ShapesRanger, another alt of Luna Jubilee, was the first of the alts to blog with Luna. He was brought on the blogging staff to since there are a lack of male bloggers.  Many designers have a men’s line that also need a presence on this blog.  Ranger may not appear often but when he does its noticed by many.  Ranger writes under his own name unlike Scarlet. His tone is different that Luna’s and he brings the male’s perspective of SL fashion to the blog. This is his first blogging assignment and is looking to expand his creativity and writing genres.


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