Interiors by Britain Knave

For quite some time I’ve been oogling the stunning decor work by Britain Knave. I knew when I finally settled on a homestead name, I wanted Brit to come through to decorate our house. She made it a home, easily.


Elexor and I welcomed her to our very blank canvas of a home. She made the process so effortlessly that it would have taken us … forever. We wanted a beautifully elegant but still live-in feeling for our home. Simple touches that make it ours, not only using a few of our personal pieces but including our monogram letters tucked in various corners. An other surprises as well.


check out other style homes by Britain Knave: Kennedy Interiors and Brit’s flickr


then he kissed me

then he kissed me

Kissing is like drinking salted water. You drink, and your thirst increases.
~Chinese Proverb

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The Mellower Season

The Mellower Season

“Autumn is the mellower season, and what we lose in flowers we more than gain in fruits.”

― Samuel Butlertler

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TMD – !bang poses

!bang poses is offering two new pose sets at half off the original prices for only The Mens Dept. Not only a couple poses but also a full 10-pose set for the guys (see the full pose pack here). Keep up to date on all the new releases and sales from !bang poses on plurk.

!bang - years

Taxi to TMD



By Luna Jubilee  //  News, SLife  //  1 Comment

April 14, 2007 is when I started blogging. My posts at first were strictly fashion with “look of the day posts” to critiquing the latest skin releases. Naturally those posts, I think and would like to hope, refined themselves over the years as well as my blogging style. I’ve even completed several home and garden posts stepping away from fashion. In the last year or more, more the later to be very frank, my blogging eagerness has slowed. I know several folks, even someone as recent as today, have asked if I would entertain the idea of bring back “the Color Challenge”. The answer is yes but I”m not sure when exactly nor will it be a Part Three. Certainly not ruling it out totally. Its just that my time for blogging is being consumed with other things such creating for and working on my store, !bang poses.

never deleting

As this blog post title suggests, my blog once again is evolving. Instead of the predictable fashion like photography and styling type of posts, I would like to shift towards more photography. Pairing some of my photos with my favorite quotes, songs I’ve recently listened to or perhaps nothing but the photo. The posts will look something more like my last post or the one just before that, with or without credits. Still I’ll keep my photos on Flickr, and perhaps more will be there than on my blog. Who’s to say nor will I pigeon hole my self into that type of choice.

There are a great many bloggers out there who are willing to that, I can’t say that I’m one of them anymore. I would rather keep my blog alive with whatever it is that catches my eye or moves me to create photos with out the frequent obligation. I appreciate that I have been in the mix for so long, its time to evolve.

So am I closing my blog? No. I am; however, not looking to keep up with the fast paced fashion and demands. No longer will I be a blogger with a pose store. I’m going to consider myself a poser who happens blog when the mood strikes.

It’s been a wild seven plus years… and here’s to a few more years from a different view. <3

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