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52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Shuttle Gray

This week in my 52 Weeks of Color Challenge showcases Shuttle Gray in Week 17.

I’m pretty sure I have this week’s color layered somewhere into this outfit. Also, I think I’m showing a designer or two I’ve not showed in a long time on my blog. Finding what to wear and styling it each week makes this challenge so stupidly fun. Sure some weeks are harder than others but none-the-less always a hoot!

As a little plug before I end this post, The Pixel Bean is ending their “Date Auction” today at 12slt. I’m one of those folks up for bid … and I’m bidding on several. Are you able to win me? Or perhaps you want to try to outbid me on someone else! The Pixel Bean auction bid area

Week Seventeen: Shuttle Gray
April 22 – April 28

Week 17 - Shuttle Gray

Week Eighteen: Thistle
April 29 – May 5

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Alphabet Challenge: G

Alphabet Challenge - G

Join the Alphabet Challenge

Now that my own challenge is coming to a close, it will feel great to focus a little more on this one. I’m a shade behind too but only by one… I think. As fun as it is, its also difficult. Looking back at the past 6 photos, I’ve stayed true to my own every-day style that I wouldn’t necessarily blog. That’s impressive in my opinion. I’m so happy the girls started this challenge up again.

Now that I have a few of these letters under my belt, check out the past photos on my flickr and everyone’s photos in the Alphabet Challenge group.


52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Jade

Its Week 32 of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge.

When I dreamt up this challenge way back in the day, I thought about this week. Thinking I would mention only 20 weeks left and how fast all this is just going. Ya know, the challenge really doesn’t feel like its 32 weeks in but rather its still in the first few weeks. Then again, when I look at my flickr set, it tells a way different story. (Btw, friend me on flickr if you haven’t already.)

Each week more and more start or restart their color challenge. Can you believe I still get IMs asking about the challenge?! There is no better feeling to get those IMs. Welcoming folks to the group is one of my favorite things as well as seeing the posts scattered on the feeds!

Week Thirty-Two: Jade
June 11 – June 17

32 of 52: Jade

Week Thirty-Three: Mahogany
June 18 – June 24

*visit to see the Color Challenge color swatches.*

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When the stars and moon …

When the stars and moon align, good things happen. I was thrilled to see Ren, the new soon-to-be-released skin from Grixdale. Seeing this skin on was the first good thing. The second, the photo.


There really wasn’t much of any sort of tweaking of this photo. I did overlay two different windlight settings and some smudging to smooth out the hair and the avatar mesh around the nose. The original photo (cropped only) is on my flickr. I kept some of the goofy shadow bugs to show off the skin without heavy photoshop techniques.

I can remember first meeting Tyr when she had this tiiiny little shop & fangirled her work. Even when she shared with me her first ever skin. It feels so good to see her grown and create an awesome skin over a short amount of time. I’m just so proud of her!

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LoLo’s Coffee Break

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There’s a new event happening. This one is on the LoLo sim and called Coffee Break. Its a small event where all the designers on the LoLo sim plus 1 special guest will place out an item in the cafe. The items are marked down just 50-100L. Its a great deal, ain’t it?!

Coffee Break cafe

Come see all the designers before April 15th.

Designers participating:
Caroline’s Jewelry
Grixdale (the special guest)


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