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52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Electric Indigo

Electric Indigo is Week 3 of my 52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Part Deux! At first I was kinda nervous about this color. Its a tough color to have in the beginning phase of the challenge. Of course, since the first round of this color challenge we covered a ton of the basics, not many left for this round. Shopping or finding inventory items will be tough. (Thankfully more and more designers are requesting the color list.)

Week Three: Electric Indigo
January 15 – January 21

Week 3 - Electric Indigo

Week Four: Iron
January 22 – January 29

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Since one of the first mesh hair releases from Wasabi Hair, I’ve kept a close watch on this brand. So much mesh hair goodness. I really didn’t think I would enjoy mesh as much has I have!


This hair is reminiscent to the beloved ETD Chel hair from yesteryear. Its a welcomed update with a twist!

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Luna Jubilee’s Windlight Setting: Bright Sparkly

Its been some time since I’ve done a Blog Boot Camp post. My last post showcases the windlight option I used most then. With a few viewer changes since, here’s my newly updated setting. I use this for pretty much all my photos and singles vendors.

Newly Updated WL setting

Since I use photoshop to boost colors be sure to see the before and after photo on flickr. This will show the original photo coloring.

To download this Windlight Setting, click here: Luna Jubilee – Bright Sparkly


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Weeks of Color Challenge: Mulberry

This is Week 50 of my 52 Weeks of Color Challenge. Not including this week, there are are only two weeks and two color remain. I’m not going to say goodbye to the challenge or all the friends I’ve made. I will; however, close this part of the challenge.

To pay homage to this first round of the Color Challenge, I’d like to pose an extra post after the 52 colors are completed. This one will be 15 of your favorite colors. After the 52nd color post, I’ll do “15 favorite” post, like I’ve done for past week’s, and you can add your blog link in the comments. Don’t worry, it will be easy to make a mosaic of the 15 photos so you don’t flood the feeds or have this endless stream of photos on your blog.

Can you believe we can say “Week Fifty”?!

Oh btw, this is my first post in awhile that I”m fully dressed. Aren’t you proud! lol

Week Fifty: Mulberry
October 15 – October 21

50 of 52: Mulberry

Week Fifty-One: Cream
October 22 – October 28

The color swatches don’t syndicate to the feeds so be sure to check my blog for them.

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Mahogany

oh week 33 how I love you. My 52 Weeks of Color Challenge is flying! We are now in the “less than 20 week” range. Simply amazing.

This is one of those rare weeks where I had the outfit picked out sometime earlier in the week. Aren’t you proud?! I will admit I always try to say something really epic or something in these posts. Sorry, there just isn’t anything coming to mind. Its more backspace and delete than me really composing thought.

Since I can’t think of anything to say that’s so momentous, I’ll give the first 15 commenters with blog links back to their Mahogany post/photos a gift card to !bang poses. Oh, and before you all race, I’ll give out 10 additional random gift cards during the week too. So 25 gift cards in total for the next 7 days. That’s fair right? <3

Week Thirty-Three: Mahogany
June 18 – June 24

33 of 52: Mahogany

Week Thirty-Four: Mauve
June 25 – July 1 24

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