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52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Aqua Island

My blog has been primarily showing 52 Weeks of Color Challenge. This is the reason I started the challenge and the reason I keep it going. It keeps me actively blogging. Just like all of you I get in moods that I don’t blog on a regular basis. Having the challenge it at least makes me blog weekly. Perhaps I won’t be a forever lazy blogger.

Week Thirty: Aqua Island
July 22 – July 28

Week 30 - Aqua Island

Week Thirty-One: Wales
July 29 – August 4

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Shuttle Gray

This week in my 52 Weeks of Color Challenge showcases Shuttle Gray in Week 17.

I’m pretty sure I have this week’s color layered somewhere into this outfit. Also, I think I’m showing a designer or two I’ve not showed in a long time on my blog. Finding what to wear and styling it each week makes this challenge so stupidly fun. Sure some weeks are harder than others but none-the-less always a hoot!

As a little plug before I end this post, The Pixel Bean is ending their “Date Auction” today at 12slt. I’m one of those folks up for bid … and I’m bidding on several. Are you able to win me? Or perhaps you want to try to outbid me on someone else! The Pixel Bean auction bid area

Week Seventeen: Shuttle Gray
April 22 – April 28

Week 17 - Shuttle Gray

Week Eighteen: Thistle
April 29 – May 5

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Look of the Day

Its been some time since I’ve done a “Look of the Day” post. I used to have a blog category marked for this sorta thing but now I file these poses in the catch-all of Luna’s Closet. This is, for me, any posts that are just for the ‘because’ factor. Anyway. The credits are after the cut.


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Bloom Doll – Shy Bloom

Surf Co just released these adorable Bloom Dolls. I know several of us on plurk are having a blast dressing them up. Just check out the Bloom Doll flickr group. Its really fun and so easy to dress these dolls.

Shy Bloom

They come with the shape and skin and you get to add all the accessories to create your own style and look. The shape is, essentially, the same size of an avatar. So all your shoes, I’d think, would fit just fine. Hair and some other prims need to be tugged or stretched into place. Again, all very easy and in minutes you have your own look. I used all the stuff I had in my inventory!

Come join in the fun and add your Bloom Doll to the photo contest.

Added this to my Happy Things, for sure!

Surf Co Mainstore

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Snowy Day

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When Betty Doyle, owner of Ingenue and my neighbor on LoLo, changed her store plot to snow I knew I wanted to do some photos at her place. I hope she doesn’t mind!

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Miel released a new dress, boots and scarf today. The prims change colors and resize upon touch. This is just one of the so very many options you can choose. The belt is a separate piece, you can turn the skirt to be the same as the shirt to look like a mini dress … and then there is all the colors choices! I must still have my 52 Weeks of Color Challenge on my mind to have picked this tone!

My only gripe is that the socks are connected to the boots. I love to wear my boots with jeans tucked in, and well, it would look silly to have the socks coming out the top of the boots. Perhaps in a future release there will be an option to remove them. One can hope. Until then, I’m wearing the hell out of them this season!

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