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52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Jade

Its Week 32 of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge.

When I dreamt up this challenge way back in the day, I thought about this week. Thinking I would mention only 20 weeks left and how fast all this is just going. Ya know, the challenge really doesn’t feel like its 32 weeks in but rather its still in the first few weeks. Then again, when I look at my flickr set, it tells a way different story. (Btw, friend me on flickr if you haven’t already.)

Each week more and more start or restart their color challenge. Can you believe I still get IMs asking about the challenge?! There is no better feeling to get those IMs. Welcoming folks to the group is one of my favorite things as well as seeing the posts scattered on the feeds!

Week Thirty-Two: Jade
June 11 – June 17

32 of 52: Jade

Week Thirty-Three: Mahogany
June 18 – June 24

*visit to see the Color Challenge color swatches.*

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Umber

Nineteen! Ninenteen!!

The half way mark of my 52 Weeks of Color Challenge is approaching very quickly. And none too soon! I think most of the group was at a lost with me on this week’s color. You’d like doing back to back neutral tones would be easy. Not so much. At least for me!

To help with this color, head over to the group and ask or even check out my blog’s sidebar for a list of designers who’re creating items for the challenge. If you’re a designer wanting to create items for the challenge, feel free to IM me inworld for the list of upcoming colors. I’ll be sure to add your store to my blog sidebar. I’ll try to leave all the links about the challenge there for easy reference.

Can’t wait to see all your photos in the flickr group and link backs to your blogs in the comments below! <3

19 of 52

Week Nineteen: Umber
March 12 – March 18

19 of 52: umber

Week Twenty: Sky Blue
March 19 – March 25

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Winter Chill

By Luna Jubilee  //  Clothing  //  6 Comments

I’ve been holding on to a few things to blog until just the right time. The first is the hair accessory from ~La Petite Morte~ and the new Baiastice boots.

blogged: winter chill

The white boots are partially full bright so I didn’t photograph all of the boot. I didn’t notice this on any other colors. I have an IM into Sissy as I’m sure its an oversight (or me not being able to use the touch menu correctly lol). I’ll report back when I hear word. If possible, grab the demo first. I like the boots, I’d still get them all! **update 12/19 – Sissy made the update so fast and replaced my fat pack. She’s just a gem!**

Two turtles doves is just too adorable. I was one of the lucky ones to review La Petite Morte. This store as I knew it was in a tiny little room. Now its staged on two floating islands with several new things. The new items also include furniture. I’ll be sure to point out those items in my next home series post.

As much as I love the snow I’m not a fan of chill the winter winds bring.

blogged: winter chill

That photo has to be one of my all time favorites that I took.I wanted a close up of the hair accessory but not a typical headshot. Doncha just love when things just work out!!

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~Mashup~ Oh hush.


With all that’s going on with SL Daily Deals and ShopaholicFeed … and enduring issues on my laptop which forced me to my relic of a desktop, blogging has fallen to the side. Not until my desktop got a new monitor and graphics card, photography was not going to happen. I sowwy.

I am a blogger and always will be – how can I not be after almost three years! For the new year, I might just change slightly. Blogging is more personal for me now-a-days. I still do reviews and love showing off the newest products, but lately its been mixed more and more with my mashups. Showing review copies tossed in as style posts are, what I think, SL has become. What I see in the design community, designers are creating less and less full outfits or making sure their full outfits have elements that can be used separately. For me, that’s what I’m after – the “how to wear it everyday” for the typical SL resident. Like I said before, my stuff won’t be on a magazine cover but rather something to feel good about and enjoy wearing.

So before I go to bed, here’s something I threw together using some of my review copies.

Sweet dreams <3

Products Used hair: >TRUTH< Lydia – mahogany *review copy*
skin: L.Fauna {Lapine . Tan 1} [Berry] OO *review copy*
eyes: CHAI Eyes +Allure+ [SEA 2] small pupil *review copy*
sweater: MNK*SHOP group gift 200912!
undershirt: [N] draped neck cozy knit – sand
jeans: Nyte’N’Day – Essential Jeans – Dark Stone *review copy*
boots: [SC] Surf Couture – Elsa Boots Foot – Original


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