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52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Lemon

Thankfully Week 37 than last week’s color challenge color. I know that its a challenge, I get that, but, I struggled last week. This week was a breeze! I felt so much more relaxed.

I never really thought Lemon was a color for me. Still not sure seeing it.

Creating the 52 Weeks of Color challenge I knew there would be easy weeks like this one and more difficult weeks. I’m a little afraid of the following week’s color. I have a feeling search engines will spike as folks look for this silly color’s reference. Let’s hope more designers will create stuff using this color. This is when I wish all weeks were as easy as this Lemon week!

Week Thirty-Seven: Lemon
July 16 – July 22

37 of 52: Lemon

Week Thirty-Eight: Patriarch
July 23 – July 29

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Inspire Challenge

By Luna Jubilee  //  SLife  //  6 Comments

Harlow Heslop recently kicked off a new challenge. Simply called the “Inspire Challenge“, its all about positivity. I was beyond flattered when she asked to mention me in her first Inspiration Challenge post.

Blogged: Harlow love

After that, I asked Harlow if I could blog about the challenge. For my post I wanted to pose with her.  Its not often she’s seen infront of the camera. I ended up stealing her away from her very popular photography studio but I really thought I would have to go down to her cafe, The Pixel Bean, to snap a candid of her!

So far the blog posts I’ve seen have been so sweet. It’s interesting to see who inspires who and why. I encourage the SecondLife™ community to do their own post or two about the residents that inspire them. The nice thing about this challenge is that its not just centered around the fashion folks. It’s left up to you and who you feel inspires/brings joy to your life.


52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Celadon

Week 36 of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge is/was a darn hard week.

I must have tried on three, no, four outfits. Then I found this one on the SL Marketplace. Due to the several changes, I’ll need to keep this post super-duper short. Time to publish this post is coming up way too fast. Typically I have my posts planned out to some point but since the pressure is on all that good stuff isn’t happening! lol

Really I do love these color challenge posts. Hosting the challenge has been and will be close to heart. The color challenge’s inworld group is packed with good people, the comments I see on everyone’s blogs are encouraging and the support is just amazing. I can’t thank you enough for being so full of win. Never ever did I ever dream this would be such a positive event for so many. Before I get too sappy, I’m gonna share with you following week’s color:

Week Thirty-Six: Celadon
July 9 – July 15

36 of 52: Celadon

Week Thirty-Seven: Lemon
July 16 – July 22

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Blog Trends

I’m on a blog trend of skins from my last post about Curio to this one featuring Pink Fuel. I can’t seem to get enough of the newest and most talked about skins. And yes, this skin was all over the feeds and had everyone (or so it seemed) demoing. Pink Fuel is not really a new-to-me skin now. Check out this old school post about the brand. I’ve blogged it before that post but … well some of those are just way too embarrassing to show. So let’s just let them stay tucked away. ;) Anyway, Pink Fuel Elly, is awesome.

all mine

Also, have you noticed the hair?! Is it not just epic! I found it cuz of one the linkbacks to my blog. A blogger mentioned me and the skirt I wore and linked back to my blog. It pays to link bloggers to your posts if you mention them! Your blog could end up here at some point if you get me to shop places you found! ha!

I have another big ol’ mention but that’s for a big ol’ post … and I need a photo of her. You’ll just have to stick real close for that post to find out who I’m yammering about!

And, oh hey, don’t forget to check out my flickr group called Before and After for this photo’s before shot. Shame I crashed before I could resnap to correct some issues… but I like the photo as is. It gives character! This may just be my new profile picture.

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Places: Karazhan

This afternoon I set out to do some shopping, specifically for new elf ears. I returned home with no new ears but with a folder packed with photos of this amazing sim called Karazhan. This location isn’t one to miss. Its visually stunning and my photos don’t do it justice.


My time there was short but snapped away as I shopped and explored. The full water location is quite unique and all very intriguing. It brought me back to the memories of the hugely popular ChouChou sim of yesteryear.

Karazhan path

Since my newly energize interest in exploring SL and my own photography, I’ve decided to start a blog series called Luna’s Favorite Places. I plan to travel the grid, take snaps and show them here. I know many folks, bloggers and photographers alike, are always looking for new places. This series, I’d hope, could give a few new places to see. There is a link in my blog’s sidebar for ease of access.

Karazhan statue

Go visit – shop, mediate, relax, photograph – Karazhan.

If you’d like for me to visit a place you know that would be great to showcase, drop a notecard with the location’s LM/slurl and any information. I’ll be sure to check out.



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