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52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Teal

Its sweet Sixteen! Can you believe we made it 4 months already?! We’ve completed one third of the year.

Over the past several, now, months I’ve met so many people. I even scared away someone from my store when they realized I was “the Luna that does the color challenge”. Do you all call me that?! <3 I promise I’m just like you all – a blogger who loves to take photos. And, yes I did IM her to invite her back and told her I’m really not all that scary. She is just too adorable!

This challenge has connected so many people in many different ways. I love this sense of community we all created. I know we all groan or cheer about each week’s color choices. Again, I’m instating the “you can’t kill me” rule for Week Seventeen. Let’s hope more designers ask me for the list of future colors so they can help us find items for this upcoming unique color.

Keep up leaving all the comments on everyone’s blog and sharing here your links to photos or blog posts. <3

Week Sixteen: Teal
February 19 – February 25

16 of 52: Teal

Week Seventeen: Electric Lime
February 26 – March 4

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Red

Welcome to Week Fifteen of my 52 Weeks of Color Challenge!

All the colors were chosen ahead of time. Most colors coordinate with the holiday during that week. Like this round, its Valentine’s Day. Even with all the red around still I had the same issue like I did last week. And of course I kick myself for not holding on to this one jacket from the past week for my color post.

Soon my flickr will be loaded with those pictures of the red outfits that didn’t get blogged. I can’t get terribly upset for the fashion block I had this week as its all in the spirit of the challenge!

Also, I’ve been dropping the upcoming week’s challenges in a few of my plurk friends. I highly recommend, if you want a heads up for the upcoming weeks, to join me on plurk. Yes, I’m a private timeline but I’ll see you’re a 52WOCC blogger! Plus, we can chat about the challenge during the week.

15 of 52

Week Fifteen: Red
February 12 – February 18

15 of 52: red

Week Sixteen: Teal
February 19 – February 25

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Military Rule

By Luna Jubilee  //  Clothing  //  2 Comments

I had a great time photographing the new jackets from Naith Smit Designs. Well, I may have a little fetish for military and uniforms.

Military Rule

Speaking of uniforms, I think this one shrank…

Military Rule 2

Maybe one day cute elf ears could be military issue.

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Sunday Morning

By Luna Jubilee  //  Clothing  //  2 Comments

Just a quick blog post for this sunday morning. I’m hoping to work on some of the photography requests I received as well as the store today.


Trieste was looking super cute in Boom’s Super Bargain Saturday item and had layer several shirts. I did the same for the full release of the argyle dress. It looks that the full release the dress has a second option of pockets.

Another release this week came from Magika. For years I’ve been a fan of Sabina, the creator behind this brand. I think the best value-added feature for her hair is the color change option through the use of a hud. Its not only super easy to use and understand but its a saver for keeping down your inventory numbers.

Oh, right, I was to keep this short! Here’s the product details and LMs:

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Cerise

Its the start of Week 7!

I had to go back to count and double check. I can’t get over that we are starting week 7!  That means I’ve commented on about 1000 blog posts or photos. Each week there are on average 180 people participating!  This challenge has already been a topic of much chatter. Can you image the end of the 52 weeks?!

Several bloggers dusted off their blogs or even started blogging due to my challenge! Even a few of the newer bloggers IM’d me to ask for some support. In the chats I found out that my name is often the name tossed out to those looking for help. That so many my spirit soar!

I hope while we’re taking on the challenge together we learn from each other and it pass along.

Ok, ok, I’ll get on with the kick off of Cerise … and announce the following week.

7 of 52

Week Seven: Cerise

December 18 – December 24

week 7: Cerise

Week Eight: Green
December 25 – December 31

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