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All Sales Are Final

My credit cards are cut, the sale is over, the store’s lights are turning off … my time on SL Fashionality has ended. I know Pheobe will proudly carry-on with her amazing style and grace. With many bags in tow, I bid you a fond farewell.
For my last outfit, I went with some of my more recent favs mixed with oldies but goodies:
Skin: LF CHAI Skin -Honey- Peaches Freckle
Eyes: MMS-Deep Blue Eyes
Lashes: MM-Catwalk Eyelashes
Hair: (Armidi Hair) – The Poynter – Smoked Mahogany
Shirt: {Gisaci} Trend du Jour with fleur skirt- Vecchio Bianco (part of set)
Pants: LC Hunt Club Jumper
Boots: *REDGRAVE* – Boots – Smoke-Leather
Jewelry: EMJ Moon of Jupiter – Bronze (not yet released)


Me Update

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**Pic removed due to someone’s face being all sortsa messed up**

I took a small break in blogging … yeah … like 2 weeks. I just couldn’t stay away but really that writing wasn’t me. It somehow lost its spunk … eh. At any rate … I’m back and ready to ramble!
Lots happened since I last wrote an update – so best place to start is at the beginning … or where-ever that would be … right?
I moved sims. Yes I’m still on the beach and with stunning sunsets but not the corner. Lately I have been moving often. I had some serious issues with knuckle headed neighbors at my last place. Why do people not understand security orbs? I mean really … why keep flying over only to be TPed back to your home location? But really I would love to share the wonderfully colorful vocab they shared with me … but wow I even blushed over some of it!! (ok not really but did I at least make you think I’m sweet and innocent?!) :P
New land means a new house … no more huge white mansion or my medical alert system to keep me safe. Now its a sweet home from The Loft. My new addiction – The Loft’s furniture. I think I own about 80% of that store! Over the course of my posts you will see snaps of the house as I plan to use it as a backdrop.
Speaking of snaps, I haven’t been truly *that* busy with Flickr. I have a few builds planned for some super sensual shots and story lines. Currently writing the one story line. Hopefully the upcoming series of pics will compliment … and more series to follow.
Lately, I’ve been so utterly thankful to have two wonderfully fantastic friends by my side for so much of the muck in my slife. They are always with me (which I adore them for) … not a day goes by with out these two! A huge thanks to Oscar and Pheobe for always being so awesome!!
*The above pic is the “behind the scenes” shot for an upcoming post on SLFashionality*
Fashionality is up and running in good health! Pheobe had done some adorable pics for the last couple of holidays. I tosssed up a few posts earlier this morning … as I was on a role with simple outfits. Keep an eye out for more great stuff from her … and well, me too. hehe
Off to cause trouble somewhere! ciao!


Irish Eyes

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picture credits: Oscar Page

To Set The Record *Straight*

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Pheobe is my bestest friend evah… we are not lovahs! :P
I’m in a weird silly mood … I’m sure everyone knows this but lately so many people have been over analyzing blogs lately.
Omg this was the day I met Pheebs at KSU … then it went downhill from there. That day was a Two-Drink Minimum kinda day. *giggle-hiccup-giggle*

Typical Saturday … sorta

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My day started just like any other typical Saturday … some shopping, a post over at Fashionality, and hanging at my sparsely decorated house. Somehow I met up with Pheobe and Oscar … and the afternoon involved naked living room dancing. Still not really sure how all that really happened but it was just the beginning. Not until Noel stopped by, did the nite take a turn and well the above pic of Pheobe happened. Its all a blur … and take no responsibility. Raise your hand if you believe that statement … …. … yeah I don’t blame ya … eh maybe none of this happened …
/me grins


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