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The happiest of all lives is a busy solitude. – Voltaire

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Collabor88 – Soft Exposure

Collabor88 is a muchly anticipated monthly event that opened today! If you missed the last few months, this one is one NOT to miss. There are several of my favorite designers and a few guests that are new-to-me. Plenty to browse and purchase without doing a lot of damage to your wallet.

c88 begins

I’ve spied a bunch of awesome items for so stinkin’ cheap. I told you this event is awesome!! Hurry in now to see this before the prices are at their full price.

Check out the official Collabor88 blog for the location.

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Join Me: Subjot

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This morning I found Subjot while surfing Twitter. SubJot is a great concept as it allows you to follow others by topic. Yes, by topic. I know just this one feature alone is a god-send for me. Every post on the site is assigned a topic. Its so easy to follow or not follow topics from those you follow.

Social Media

Subjot is still growing and its easy to join – just click here.

To learn more about the site, check out this post by Charnita Fance. She not only gives a thorough overview of features but also shows screen caps. Who doesn’t like pictures!? 

Also, if you’re nervous about being deleted for using a “fake account” like other new trendy social media sites, this one was created by a SecondLife resident. For that reason alone, its a site worth checking out. Read the WeAreNYTech article about Chris Carella (and his wife)’s story about how Subjot started.

Join me on Subjot

If you want, see my blog’s sidebar for all the places to follow me on other social media sites.

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Denim

This is the kickoff post to 52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Week 31

Sometimes when I start a longterm project, similar to this one, I start to not want to finish it. Its not that I don’t want to finish this challenge. I don’t want it to end. I can’t help thinking about it even though we still have more than 20 more weeks remaining.

Considering its week 31, time flew and the countdown is going to start soon. My gut says that the group and this sense of community isn’t going anywhere. I adore you all. So there’s a new group rule: You can’t leave me! lol Two group rules ain’t bad, right?

Now its time to see all your photos and posts filled with Denim! <3

Week Thirty-One: Denim
June 4 – June 10

31 of 52: Denim

Week Thirty-Two: Jade
June 11 – June 17

*visit to to see the Color Challenge color swatches.*
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Makeup Love

Makeup tattoo layers are way too addicting. Especially now that many skin creators are making a base skin (no makeup). If you need your fill of makeups and goodness for your skin, I highly encourage you to check out Kozmetika.

makeup love

Didn’t I tell you had more red photos to share? This was the original outfit I had planned for my 52 Weeks of Color Challenge post.

The skin featured is the new skin from PXL. I’m planning to do a post with just the skin, no overlays, later in the week. Until then, enjoy the tease :P

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