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American girl

I?m Jeet from Sacramento, California?. 6?2 height, 190 lbs weight with good built because I go to /gym/">gym every day. This is a true story that happened to me last month in California. I have been reading this site for a while and decided to post one of my true stories. To start with, I had come to the USA to do my higher studies. When you are out of your home country you start feeling lonely and spend more time to make money or do some other stuff. So i decided to do a part time job in a grocery store. The owner is /indian/">indian

Guy so it was kind a easy. It was summer time, I usually close the store @ night, everyone was friendly in this neighborhood. One day just 5 mins before 10.00pm a lady came to store in a pickup truck, She was wearing jeans n t shirt. She was BBW(I guess you all know what is that) she was around 37 /boobs/big-boobs/">big boobs and ass she was with her 2 yrs baby. She came to buy milk and some beer we just said hi n hello, new work this n that?.But it was time to close the store so I was in hurry?.she left but she gave

Me a naughty smile, I looked @ her and I didn?t think anything about it. Days were passing and she was coming everyday now, sometimes twice a day whenever she bent down to pick something I used to stare at her boobs they were so big it was hardly to control but @ work I had to. Recently in January one day she came to me with her stuff and b4 leaving she gave me her number on $ 1.00 bill and said if I want to come over for a drink tonight, but my /bad/">bad luck next day was my exam so I missed that chance, but I called her, we talked over the phone.

Well Jessica (her name) was rich countryside lady, married but living separate with her child she was avg. /fat/fat-lady/">fat lady but I thought that made her look pretty when I told her that I kind a like her n she said the same. Now she usually comes to store at closing time, we started playing with each other, in store while there was nobody in d store, kissing, touching, hand job were normal things to do away from cameras guys believe me it was fun. Soon we started talking over the phone everyday talking about life abroad, hobbies, movies, relationships etc the things you would talk to a person on the phone.

So I believe I was quite good at this art and confident about it. So slowly I started diverting our talk to naughty things, flirting with her, making references to sex. I think she got the hint but was pretending to be innocent. After few days, she said she loves me. She knew that I?m an /indian/indian-guy/">indian guy and she told me later that she wanted an, Indian partner because she watched Kamasutra and she was amazed watching all different positions. Must say I was very hard and masturbated myself during the talk explaining to her what I was doing. She did the same over the phone.

It was uncontrollable for both of us so one day I told her I will come to her place @ 2am in d morning as her husband usually leaves her home after spending some time with her baby(their some legal stuff, never worried about that) so she told me to park the car away from her house. I did the same n walked to her house. Finally I reached her home, nice home it was. As soon I entered the home, she hugged me so tight n we started kissing each other, she had 2-3 vodka peg, the wild kissing began. She was wearing a sexy black dress, but the /surprise/">surprise lay inside that ? she was without panties.

All the while she had no panties. This was one horny lady. I started to kiss from her forehead, lips, cheeks, chin and neck and chest. She was already hot. I pulled up her bra. Those big hanging melons showed up in glory. I was feeding on them, sucking one /big/big-nipple/">big nipple and kneading the other. Jessica was moaning and /wrestling/">wrestling with me. In few minutes, I roll down to her lower abdomen, started to lick her naval and rub her pussy. After kissing she pushed me on the bed and unzipped my jeans. She was still clothed. She pulled down my jeans and undies till my knees and began playing with my cock. She lightly kissed it and was just looking at it for few minutes without saying anything.

I said what happened. She said she is going to have so much pleasure and began sucking it. She was rubbing and sucking at the same time. I was very hard and actually came. I didn?t want to, but she said she insisted that I come so when we have sex I last longer. I knew she was an experienced lady. I came all over her face and black dress. Now the game began and I slowly undressed her and realized that she wasn?t wearing any panties. She said this was her surprise for me. I took her to bed and started slowing kissing her tits while rubbing the top part of her pussy.

As soon as I touched her down there she moaned loudly and begged me to enter her. I kept teasing and delaying it till she was on her knees asking for it. As I was fingering her she was stroking my dick and that got me hard again. I spread her legs and slowly entered her. She was very wet and I could slide easily in her. I could feel all the white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie wetness on my dick. I rammed her hard and in rhythms, she told me that she got an orgasm. I was not sure. We continued fucking in different positions, the best position she enjoyed was side by side and me entering her from behind.

She couldn?t control the pleasure she was getting. I could see the joy on her face. And this gives a man satisfaction. I was wearing a condom and she wanted me to come inside her, so I came inside her after having sex for almost 45 mins. Then I started stroking her clit in a style which gives instant orgasm. And it worked this time. Her whole body was shivering, arms, legs, face. She told me this is the best one she has ever had. After that she told me it?s my turn and stared massaging my dick. It was very slow and then she increased the pace. When I was nearing to come she took my dick in her mouth and started giving a BJ.

I came and she swallowed half the cum. We then had /shower/shower-sex/sex-in-the-shower/">sex in the shower. Finally I dropped her to her place and came back. We met again after two days and had sex for even longer time. But I am not explaining that as the first experience with her was special. She stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv still come to store but I don?t work there anymore, she is very eager to see me, we talk over the phone, I am planning something else these days. I will be back to you guys with new Experience.. I hope you all liked this incident. In case anyone wants to email, my contact me at madhusudanchaubey at yahoo dot com or callme at 009009530932