My Friends Hot Sister

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
My Friends Hot Sister

I was going to my friends house one day on the weekend to see if he wanted to hangout. we are good friends so when i got to his house i walked in the garage door which was open. when i went in no one was there but i could here a faint buzzing and moaning from upstairs. as curious as i was i went to got see what it was.

i made my way upstairs to /friend/sister-friend/my-friends-sister/">my friends sister room which was where the noises were coming from. his /sister/">sister, Kenzie, is 18 and she is one of the hottest girls i have ever seen with the biggest ass and /tits/best-tits/the-best-tits/">the best tits with a perfect body.

her door was cracked so i looked in and saw her masturbating with a /vibrator/">vibrator. she was completely naked and was moaning so loud. while i was looking at her i started to get rock hard. he cock is about 8 inches and was about to bust through my pants. i wanted to go in there and fuck her so /bad/">bad. i started stroking my cock through my pants and was getting so horny. i couldn't take it anymore’

i walked in like i had just gotten there and pretended to be shocked. she gasped and tried to hide her shaved pussy and her /tits/huge-tits/">huge tits.

"what are you doing here!!"

"i was just looking for your brother, I'm sorry if i disturbed you or anything"

"just get out and knock next time!!"

"okay sorry"

and as i was turning to walk out of her room she saw my raging /boner/">boner through my pants and stopped me’

"wait’wait, what is that?"

"oh yea sorry, it just that i was watching you and you are so hot i just got so horny!"

"your cock does look huge through those pants, and you are cutest one out of my brothers friends. maybe we can have some fun. why don't you come over here so i can suck your cock."

right when she old waman xxxgx said that i pulled off my pants and my raging boner flew out and i walked over to her and she started to lick the tip of my cock.

"i always see the way you look at me when your over here, alway looking at my /big/big-tit/">big tit and my /fat/fat-ass/">fat ass. the truth is i always wanted to fuck you. i would see the outline of your /cock/big-cock/">big cock when you wear those baggy shorts, it gets me so hot."

by now she is deep throating my cock and i am so close to cumming. i finally /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-her-mouth/">cum in her mouth and she swallowed it.

"i want to to fuck me now"

so i got on top of her and started to fuck her. she had the tightest pussy ever. her pussy was so wet when i was fucking her. then she got on top of me and started to ride my cock. she was riding me so hard that she came all over my dick. then i started to fuck her from behind which was the best cuz she had one of the biggest and best asses i have ever seen.

i was already about to cum again and then she said she wanted me to fuck her in the ass which did. after fucking her in the ass i was about to cum and didn't want to pull out so i came inside her /asshole/">asshole. ii could feel her tiny asshole fill up with my cum.

after we were done she said that that was /best/best-sex/the-best-sex/">the best sex she had ever had and the biggest dick she had ever taken. we now fuck whenever i go over to bokep sma pecah perawan her house or whenever we get the chance.