The Librarians Neighbor

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
The Librarians Neighbor

Marsha was always a /good/good-girl/">good girl. /cute/">cute, /brunette/">brunette, and a tight little body, but her shyness had caused her to never have a real boyfriend. There were a couple of boys when she was in high school that talked to her here and there, and she had even been on a date or two, but she had never had a steady screw.

Here she was, twenty years old, working in a library and living with a cat, and she had never had a /fucking/good-fuck/">good fuck. Every day she would come home from work around five o’clock, and she would settle down for dinner and a good book. Around five thirty, her neighbor across the hall would get home, and shortly after her boyfriend would follow her through the door. Noises would start, and Marsha would start to fantasize.

She would touch herself and imagine that she was a part of the action. Sometimes she would rub her clit and wish that she was licking her neighbor, sucking her pert breasts or licking her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. Other times, she would run her fingers inside herself and wish that she was getting pounded by the boyfriend, his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock running in and out of her /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy and his balls slapping against her ass. All the while, she would be serenaded by the sounds of moans and sighs from across the hall. There was more than once that she found herself naked and sweaty, collapsed on her own living room floor, her pussy dripping and throbbing.

One Friday, Marsha got home from work early. She dressed down and poured herself a glass of wine to relax. Five thirty came, and the noises started. Marsha was on her fourth glass of wine and was feeling a bit flushed, and for once, she found herself doing something she had never done before. She stood in her white satiny /underwear/">underwear and bra and crossed the hall to her neighbor’s apartment.
They barely noticed her at first; they were too busy fucking on the couch. The neighbor was laying back on the couch, her blond head tossed back in a moan of /ecstasy/">ecstasy. Her legs were in the air; her shaved pussy was being pounded by the /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock of her studly boyfriend. His ass tightened as he thrust into her; his back arching.

Marsha climbed onto the couch next to her neighbor and started massaging her naked tit, pinching the already erect nipple.

The neighbor squinted her eyes tight and gasped a heavy sigh; her boyfriend started fucking faster. Taking these actions as encouragement, Marsha leaned in and started sucking the neighbor’s nipple. Her ass was in the air, and she wwwxxx soon felt the boyfriend’s hand exploring her ass, rubbing the cheek and giving it a little slap. Marsha caught herself gasping as he slid his finger under her panties and into her wet pussy. She started to gyrate, grinding his finger deeper into her, his knuckle brushing her swollen clit. Marsha was sucking so feverishly on her neighbor’s nipple that she didn’t notice the boyfriend pull out and position himself behind Marsha’s own wet pussy. She felt her underwear being tugged down to her knees and his cock was in her. He was the thickest that she had ever had, not that she had had many. He plunged his cock in deeper, running his hands over her back and guiding her head down her neighbor’s body to the waiting wet pussy. the wwwxxx Marsha had never licked pussy before. She was hesitant at first, but her neighbor raised her hips, pushing herself into Marsha’s waiting mouth. 

Marsha licked over her clit and probed the waiting hole; she was rewarded with some feverish thrusts from behind. The boyfriend’s hands reached around and grabbed her dangling tits, squeezing her nipples. She moaned into her neighbor’s pussy and nipped lightly at her clit with her teeth. That caused a squeal from her neighbor and another thrust from behind. Just when she thought she would go, he pulled out and guided her to the floor. 

He laid her on her back and spread her legs. He guided himself in slowly and started grinding into her. The neighbor came over and sat on her face, and Marsha had no choice but to lick vigorously on the clit and suck the juices into her mouth. The neighbor squealed and lifted herself up slowly and then back down, building a rhythm. Soon, Marsha’s tongue was tapping against her neighbor’s clit feverishly, and her neighbor was coming in her mouth. The boyfriend also sped up, pounding her like nothing else. She felt the /climax/">climax coming, her pussy tightened with the waiting and then a gush covered his cock. He pulled out and stroked his cock feverishly, shooting /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum all over her stomach.

It was more than she had ever dreamt about.