The hottest crossdresser

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
The hottest crossdresser

I was drinking with my friend Curtis one night as his /girlfriend/">girlfriend Jane was out with her friends having some drinks. The topic turned to cross dressers, as I had had let it slip, that one time I mentioned to him, I had dressed as a girl a few times when I younger in my moms clothes, and it felt great.

He asked if I had any girl?s clothes at home that I wear from time to time, which I reluctantly said yes. With that Curtis asked if I would wear some of Jane?s clothes to see how I looked. ?Sure, only if it?s something sexy.? I said. Curtis is a 6?2? black man and I?m a 5?6? Hispanic, I always thought Curtis had this thing for me but I couldn?t quite put my finger on it.

?Hold on, I?ll be right back?Jane?s has some hot stuff I want you to wear.? He said as he raced into the bedroom. He soon came out with a black scarf, a pair of sheer black stocking; lace French cut black panties, 5? white heels, a black and white long sleeved vertically striped sweater, a make-up bag. ?See what you can do.? He said eagerly. ?Okay, now boy.? I said in a hot girly voice. I never thought in porn videos download a million years I would be doing this with Curtis, but here I was.

I?m glad I shaved my legs that morning; I undressed in front of him as he sat on the lazy-boy across from me. I slid on the panties and pulled them high on my hips to give them that ?v? shaped look, and then I sat on the edge of the couch and slipped xxx on the black lace top sheer stockings and pulled them to where they were snug against my crouch. I picked up the rest of the stuff and excused myself to the bathroom. ?I?ll need some privacy to get nasty looking, honey ? be right back.?

My heart was pounding out-of-control. I put on the bra, rolled up my black socks an inserted them into each cup to make my tits a little more perky, then I pulled the sweater on ? it was tight and hot looking, It went down to about 4? above my crouch (which exposed just enough of the panties) I folded the black sheer scarf into a triangle and put it over my mid-length hair, tied it to the back of my neck, put on the make-up, blue eye shadow, heavy mascara and /red/hot-red/">hot red lip stick and finally put on the slutty 5? white heels (which surprisingly fit) and I was done.

I walked out into the living room, my legs felt so numb, and I was so nervous. ?How do I look, babe?? I stated in a nervous tone. ?Man oh man, you look amazing! You look better in those clothes than Jane!? Curtis stood up and I could immediately see he had the biggest hard on through his pants that I?ve ever seen.

?Do you really think so?? I said as I walked to the kitchen table and sat on it, and started to dangle my /legs/hot-legs/">hot legs aback and forth. ?Yes, you look nasty.? Curtis walked up to me and got between my legs and started to /kissing/french-kiss/">french kiss me, we got locked up into a red-hot tongue-twisting kiss for about 5 minutes, and as we kissed I wrapped my stocking legs around his waist.

I was getting so turned on as he kept rubbing my legs. Finally he picked me up as I had my legs wrapped around him, carried my to the couch. Suddenly the phone rang and it was Jane stating that she was on her way home from the club; apparently her friend was suffering from a /bad/">bad headache and wanted to go home.

Curtis asked if we could meet up the next day and get a hotel room and if he could invite his friend John whom I had met before at a /party/">party. I thought he was /cute/">cute; he was a tall slender white guy, muscular. ?Sure, sounds like fun; I?ll wear my own clothes tomorrow?we have some unfinished business to take of, I hope you and John can handle me, I like to get dressed as hot and nasty as possible, and fuck all night.? I quickly undressed and couldn?t wait till that next evening. To be continued?.