The new sectary

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
The new sectary

My name is Erik Richard I worked in a company as a manager. I was getting a new sectary today. It was around 10 o clock when she entered the room she look amazing around 21 she had blond hair and blue eyes and look very /cute/">cute. She wore a very short black skirt and a white blouse just above her belly button as she walked in a breeze blow into the room lifting her skirt so I could she her patties it was a bright pink. I got an immediate /erection/">erection and my cock was acing to come out. 

She walked in and sat in the seat in front of me. I asked her what she was doing
She told me she studied in collage and this was a part time job to pay her bills. While talking to her the only thing could think of was having sex with her. Then suddenly the phone bell rang she said I will get it and walked to the front of the table and leaned over my lab and let her boobs touch my thighs and my erection got bigger. She answered the phone and gave it to me and told she would be at her desk and walked out of the room. After the call was over I could not do my work and wanted to have sex with her. 

So I though to would just call her in and ask her to have sex with me. When she came I the only thing I could do was to ask for some coffee and so she walked out of the office to get full hd xvideo download some coffee. I was cursing my self as what a wimp I was when as she walked in and was giving me my coffee. As I went to get the coffee from her but it slipped from my had and fell all over her blouse as I looked at her she looked like a baywatch babe with a wet t shirt. I could see her nipples from where I stood. I took out the kerchief from my pocket and started to wipe on her chest all I could do was squeeze her boobs and feel her nipples. I keep rubbing her boobs and squeezing her nipples. And suddenly I felt some thing touch my lips and I look up to find out that she was kissing me on my lips

She rolled her tough in my mouth touch every part and I stared to undress her I removed the blouse to find that she was not wherein any bar. Which made me even happier that I did not have to struggle with a bra so I started to suck her nipples and kiss her body as she removed my shirt. Then I put my hands in her skirt and pulled down her panties slowly feeling her whole legs and then I went down on my knees and starting from just below her knee I started to kiss it up to her puss.

Her pussy was the best I very had kissed it was pink with no hair at all .It that the most lovely smell and the sweetest taste as liked her pussy could fell my self come so I carried her in my arms and push the stuff of the table and put her on it she sat on the table and slowly removed my pants as I played with her pussy sticking my free porn movies download finger it then she laid back on the table and split her legs I knew what to do so I got on the table above her and stuck my 9” thick penis in her slowly she gave a small moan. Then I went up and down as fast a possible and then after sometime I felt my self come in side her and she gave a small scream but I knew she wanted to scream louder because of the way she was biting her lips and might be because we were in an office. I fell asleep next to her still my clock in her

After I woke up I pulled my cock out of her and she left the office. And now we bout come early every day to the office to fuck each other.