Troop 166

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Troop 166

The main campfire had long since died down until its flames and embers
flickered and cast an eerie xnxxv sunny leone video glow over the tents scattered around the
campsite and the small figure, dressed only in his boxer shorts, that
went from one tent to another at the Boy Scout encampment.

"Hey guys! Mr. Jacobs is asleep. We got a lotta shit goin on tonight.
We're gonna have a cum shooting contest over in the big tent. It'll cost
you two bucks to enter and James is gonna suck his own peter before the
contest. That'll cost yah a dollar," thirteen-year-old Billy Matthews,
self-appointed social chairman and budding entrepreneur of the troop
whispered, having stuck his head through the closed flap into the two-man
tent and prompting its occupants to turn on their flashlights.

"Geez! I heard he could do that but I ain't seen him do it yet,"
eleven-year-old Bobby Davis, the newest member of the troop, replied.
"Come on Roger let's go watch," he added.

"Nah! I ain't interested. I seen him do it already," his
thirteen-year-old friend Roger replied.

"What about the cum shooting contest?" Billy asked.

"James always wins," Roger said.

"Not tonight. He ain't entering the contest. You'll see why when he
sucks his peter," Billy said.

"Come on Roger let's go watch," Bobby begged his friend.

"I done seen that and I wanked off yesterday before we left. The guys
entering the damn cum contest won't have wanked for a week," Roger

"Yeah, and I can't cum yet," Billy real forced anal against her will said, then sighed.

"Betcha I know something you'll wanna do," Bobby replied, and smiled and
wiggled his eyebrows at both boys in the glare of the flashlight.

"Oh fuck! You're kiddin me?" Roger replied.

"Nope! But, it'll cost you three bucks this time," Bobby said.

"What's he talking about, Roger?" Bobby asked.

"Danny's gonna do it again," Roger said.

"Do what?" Bobby asked.

"Gonna suck peters," Roger replied.

"You're fuckin shittin me! Danny Johnson sucks peters?" Bobby exclaimed.

"Shhhhh! Not so loud," Roger replied.

"When's he gonna do it?" Bobby asked.

"After the cum shootin contest. He's gonna do it in the big tent. You
can watch but it'll cost yah three bucks if you want your peter sucked.
Five bucks for everything," Billy replied.

"Count me in for Danny and I guess I'll pay to watch James," Roger said.

"I wanna watch James and get my peter sucked," Bobby replied.

"Okay, thirty minutes, bring your flashlights and your money," Billy
said, and withdrew his head from the tent and scurried to the next one.

Since Scoutmaster Steven Jacobs was sound asleep, he had no way of
knowing or seeing the many small forms, dressed only in white briefs or
boxers, scurrying to the big tent in the dim light of the fire.

"Ouch!" Bobby exclaimed, having stepped on a rock.

"Shhhhhhhh!" Roger warned him.

Soon the two were at the main tent and they opened the flap and walked

There on the floor, surrounded by twelve boys in the glare of a couple of
flashlights, sat thirteen-year-old James Anderson dressed only in his
boxers. Bobby and Roger moved closer and into the crowd of boys, now
fourteen strong with their arrival.

"Okay guys, let's have your money," Billy said.

Bobby and Roger each handed Billy a dollar that he added to the other
bills he had in his hand.

"Okay, James. That's it except for Danny. He'll be here in a little
while guys," Billy remarked, prompting snickers from some of the boys.

James reached his fingers into the waistband of his boxers and quickly
shucked them off revealing his genitals.

"Holy shit!" Bobby said, seeing James' penis and balls for
the .

Indeed, James' genitalia were a sight to behold. Even for a grown man
they would have been impressive, much less for someone thirteen. His
penis was over five inches long in its flaccid state. His balls, which
already had a few hairs on them, were the size of eggs, and his dark
brown pubes already formed a significant bush.

The boys watched as James began to wank his dick, and as he did so, it
began to grow. In less than a couple of minutes the thing had grown to
its full eight and one-half inches and James took his hand off of it,
crossed his legs, then bent the top part of his body over and began to
bob his head up and down on his cock.

"Wow!" Bobby exclaimed.

"Gosh!" said another one of the other boys who had never seen the sight.

For about three minutes or so James fellated himself in that position,
then, he took his mouth off the impressive tool.

"Okay guys, watch this," he said.