Black male

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Black male
Marie carefully checked her dark hair and smoothed her night gown before reaching reaching for the front door knob and opening the door!!! "Marie," asked the tall black man with a dazzling white smile, "Im James Gobbel, you were expecting me!?!" "Uh, please come in, Mr. Gobbel," Marie said nervously, "Im so glad you could make it!!!" James Gobbel moved smoothly into Maries well appointed apartment, and after giving it a quick once over, turned back to Marie and said softly, "Im glad you followed instructions, it makes things much easier!!!" "Instructions," Marie asked in a slightly puzzled voice!?! "The lingerie," James replied gently, "Im glad you remembered, it makes things go so much easier!!!" "Why is that," Marie asked weakly, as the overpowering presence of the powerfully built black man nearly overwhelmed her!?! "I think you know the answer to that," he replied evenly while reaching out and calmly opening the front of her nightie, "but if I must paint a picture for you, I was under the impression that you wanted to see a black mans /erection/">erection!!!" "Y-yes," she whispered!!! "Well," he replied while cupping her full breasts in his huge hands, "dont you think that this is a very good way to give me one!?!"

Marie closed her eyes momentarily and sucked in a lung full of air before stammering, "I-I guess so, d-do you like my breasts!?!" "Theyre lovely breasts," he said softly, "and Ive always have had a thing for /italian/italian-women/">italian women, they have such lush full bodies!!!" "Really," she asked anxiously while her vagina flooded with Bartholins fluid, "do you like my body!?!" Without bothering to answer her directly, James Gobbel deftly removed his suit coat, and with little or no fanfare, he unbuckled his pants and slid them, along with his boxer shorts down to his ankles, exposing the most incredible penis Marie had ever seen in her life!!! "M-my god," she mumbled while involuntarily reaching out and gently caressing the tennis ball size head, "its beautiful!!!" James stood quietly for a few minutes while Marie became more accustomed to his massive erection, and even though she was stunned at its enormous size, the incredible urge building in her pussy had taken over her senses and all that she could think about was putting the beautiful head into her mouth or having James take her hard and fuck her!!!

Finally leading her by the arm to the bedroom, he asked softly, "have you ever been with a black man before?!?" "Oh, no," Marie moaned, "never, but Ive masturbated a lot just thinking about it!!!" "Really," he asked while shedding the rest of his clothing, "and what do you think about when youre masturbating!?!" With her eyes cast down to the floor, the red faced woman mumbled, "Well uh, I think about putting it into my mouth!!!" "You think about putting what into your mouth," he asked gently while softly twisting her /nipples/large-nipples/">large nipples!?! She gasped as her nipples grew hard between is fingers, but managed to stammer, "A penis, I think about sucking off a /penis/big-penis/big-black-penis/">big black penis!!!" When youre sucking this penis," he asked further, "do you allow it to ejaculate in your /mouth/hot-mouth/">hot mouth!?!" "Oh yes," she panted while staring at his now fully erect member, "I always let it indian santali xvideo shoot a huge load into my mouth, almost until it chokes me!!!" Hmmmm," he hummed softly, "does that mean that youd like to suck my penis!?!" "Oh yes," she gasped as he let his hand slide down between her thighs and casually flick the tip of his finger over her erect clit, "c-can I suck it now, please, can I do it now!?!"

"I dont see why not," he replied easily, "but theres just one other thing that I demand of my white bitches!!!" "W-what is it," she fairly shrieked, "just tell me, anything at all, just name it!!!" "Welllll," he said slowly, "I must have your assurance that once youve sucked me off and swallowed every bit of my cum, that youll allow me to climb on top of you and jam you until I shoot another load deep inside of your little white pussy!!!" "/sweet/">sweet god in heaven," she moaned, "you can fuck me anytime you want to, just please let me suck you now, pleaseeeeeee!!!" After taking a moment to think about it, he thrust his hips toward her and replied, "Okay white slut, have at it!!!" In just a flash Marie dropped to her knees in front of the black giant, and after giving him once last look in the eye, she bent her head forward and let him slide into her warm wet mouth!!! Even though he had been sucked by scores of white and black women for that matter, it was always a semi shock when his cock head was caressed by a soft slithering tongue, so almost involuntarily his legs buckled slightly while a low long sigh rumbled from deep inside his throat!!!

While for James it was exciting having his penis in the mouth of a middle aged white woman, for her, having a huge black pecker alain lyle porn in her mouth was as near to heaven as she was going to get on this earth, so as a result, her pussy was being whipped into a frenzy she had never before experienced, and so as she sucked, she let her other hand drop between her legs to furiously finger her dripping vagina!!! "So you like suckin black cock, do ya," he asked softly while staring at his thick meat protruding from her pretty mouth, "mmmmmmm, you suck so good!?!" By now she was so delirious with desire that just hearing him talk about her sucking black cock was all it took to push her over the edge into the vortex of a stunning /climax/">climax that was soon accompanied by his long low moan that was a precursor to a blast of hot jism that threatened to blow her head off!!!Oh, you fucking white cock sucker," he moaned, "thats it, suck my fucking black dick and drink my mother fucking cum, you white /bitch/fucking-bitch/">fucking bitch!!!" Marie was absolutely on fire with lust as the fire hose like pecker filled her mouth with a flood of life giving sperm, which naturally caused her pussy to spasm hard several times before convulsing in a series of incredibly satisfying orgasms that left her totally drained!!!

As James Gobbels now semi erect cock fell from her mouth, Marie slid to the floor with her legs spread wide apart, and while moaning softly, begged, "Now you gotta fuck me with that /fat/big-fat/">big fat pecker, this is what Ive been waiting for, now fucking do me!!!" James chuckled at the chutzpah this white cocksucker was showing, but he knew that once he slammed his pony into her /cunt/tight-cunt/">tight cunt, she would be whimpering like the little slut that she was!!! "Okay, baby," he said softly while climbing between her smooth thighs, "daddys gonna fuck his little white /bitch/">bitch like the cum hungry slut that she is," and without a word of warning, he lined up his nine inch weapon with her tiny crack, and with one massive thrust rammed his thickness all the way to the hilt!!! Maries face grimaced in a mixture of pain and pleasure, but when she tried to scream, no sound would escape her lips as an orgasm of monumental proportions built like a tidal wave deep inside of her!!! "How do you like dark meat, bitch," he said through clenched teeth while attacking her vagina with and an absolute ferocity, "Im gonna fuck you to death!?!" By now the pain was gone only to be replaced with the most incredible feeling of fullness she had ever felt in her life, and while she was certainly no virgin, for the /first-time/">first time she realized what it meant to be taken and used by a male stud where there was absolutely nothing should could do to stop him, as if she wanted to!!! Her entire body felt like it was being fucked by this black stallion, and that was as good of description for him that she could think of, a huge black stallion with and overwhelming desire to ride and dominate her and make her his sexual plaything!!!

"Youre my mother fucking /sex/sex-toy/">sex toy," he groaned while increasing the pace of his stroking, "and from now on, when ever I fucking call, you come, got it!?!" "O-oh yes," she gasped, "I-Ill always be there for you, j-just promise me that I can suck you off when ever I need it!!!" "And how often would that be, he gasped as his orgasm grew closer and closer!?! "Every fucking day," she moaned loudly, "I wanna suck that big black pecker every fucking day of the week!!!" "I-Ill shoot it down your fucking throat if you do," he gasped while running on the ragged edge, "Ill fill your fucking mouth with so much cum that youre gonna choke on it!!!" "Just try me," she groaned while the first convulsions began whipsawing through her groin, "Im the best cocksucker youre ever gonna have, and dont you forget it!!!" "Jesus your so fucking hot," he gasped, "I-I cant hold back any longer, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck, here it fucking cums, ohhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyy!!!" Marie wrapped her legs around James ass and locked him in place just as her own orgasm rocketed through her, leaving her a shaking mass of white flesh laying beneath her black lover!!!

"T-that was unbelievable," she sighed while running her hands up and down his muscular back, "I hope we can do it again soon!!!" "Baby," he said softly, "soon wont get here fast enough!!!