The New Student

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The New Student

My Wife?s Student

It was already raining when I got home that evening so I headed straight to the bathroom on entering home. My wife was sitting in the living room with two ladies, one elderly and the other presumably her /daughter/">daughter. They wanted to learn some new art style and from what I gathered while taking off my shoes, the girl was going to join for Impasto knife painting. While passing them I had a cursory look at the ladies and I saw the girl staring towards my wet jeans. She must have been 19-20 years, not more because when I came out from the bath, I heard the mother say "?she?ll come in the evenings after college."

As was her habit, my wife told me about the day?s activities in the night before going to sleep. "Remember that girl who came in the evening? She?ll join from tomorrow. We?ll get some more money for the material that we xxx sex video download free com had been delaying since 2 months" she said. "Wow! That?s good" I replied. She has been running this arts institute for 2 years now and has been kept really busy since the last two months. The rush of students had decreased somewhat after the summer vacations but it was enough for her to ask me this. "I want you to take some of the classes for me if possible. The younger kids are just not giving me any breathing space and the elder kids are getting dispirited because? of that". I agreed to this as she had asked me help in this matter previously as well and I had refused.

So it started that I began taking more and more classes for the elder students (mostly college students) while she took care of the younger lot. It was Thursday morning when she got a call from her mom?s and immediately after hanging up, called me into the bedroom. "I?m afraid there is /bad/">bad news. My maternal aunt is not doing well in Pune and I?ll have to visit her", she said. "Ya, sure. But for how many days? Who?ll take the classes? I don?t think I can handle all of them without you, you know", I said. She replied that she?ll cancel all the classes over the weekend so I?ll get all the rest I need. I agreed. Over the next few hours she informed each incoming student about the unexpected holidays and I started helping her with the packing. As her /dad/mom-dad/mom-and-dad/">mom and dad were also going, I had nothing to worry about her flying alone.

On Friday after she left in the morning, I had my breakfast and started working on a sculpture that I had been creating in my free time. I got so engrossed in it that I didn?t notice the afternoon pass. At 4 in the evening, I opened the balcony to feel the fresh monsoon air. Soon it started raining, drizzle at first and then heavy downpour. Just at that time the bell rang. ?Whoever it is, is gonna be very wet? I thought to myself. I opened the door to see that it was the same girl who came yesterday evening.

"I?m sorry, is Ma?am at home? I am a new student" she said when I looked at her.

"Yeah I know, you came yesterday, right? Didn?t she call to tell you she?s going out of station on an urgent trip?" I said.

"Oh? no, she didn?t?" she said uncomfortably.

By now I realized that she was soaking wet from the rain so I apologized to her and said"Please come in, you are all wet from the rain, I?ll give you a towel."

"No?its okay?I?ll leave" she replied.

"As you wish but it would be better if you wait for the rain to stop or at least reduce" I said.

After some silence she sexxxx video ful hd agreed and came in. As she was dripping water I told her to go to the bathroom and dry herself and I?ll give her some of my wife?s clothes. She walked in hesitantly towards the bathroom and just at the bend to the bathroom door I saw her slip. She tried to control herself and in trying to save her from falling I ended up falling with one of her breasts in my grip through the wet clothes. I got up immediately and offered my apologies. I took out my wife?s clothes and put them on the bed which was next to the bathroom door and went towards the hall still feeling unsure of what to say when she comes back. I waited in the hall for her to come out but when a good 10 minutes passed I got curious. I started walking towards the room and the moment I entered she came out of the bathroom wrapped in the thin towel I gave her.

That?s when I first noticed her big 36C boobs with the cleavage clearly visible from the towel. She had also removed her bottoms and her legs were no less enticing than her torso. She must have been 5?5 at most with average build but /big/big-breasts/">big breasts and nice evenly tanned skin. She had curly hair tied behind her head in a big fluffy pony.

She had noticed me taking a look at her and looked straight into my eyes. I realized the awkwardness of the situation and started to turn but to my /surprise/">surprise, she held out her hand and pulled me towards her. In doing so she stretched herself just enough that the towel came off from her breasts and I had my face right in front of two wonderful melons. My heartbeat increased and I felt a sudden rush of blood to my face and to my shaft. Seeing that I didn?t react otherwise, she removed the hand that was holding the towel in place in front of her crotch. It was a nicely trimmed pussy still wet from her adventures in the bathroom and she did nothing to hide it from my view. She had a big mole on her left breast just below the armpit and I couldn?t resist noticing that her heart was also beating as fast as mine. She came closer and held my hand by the wrist and guided it to her crotch. I felt a burst of warmth as my hand touched her pussy. She immediately opened up her legs so that my fingers brushed at her hot and wet g-spot and she pouted a moan.

By now my other hand had started acting on its own and sneaked up to her breasts. I pressed and rubbed them and she again let out a moan. I bent and kissed her breasts one at a time, first circling the tits and then kissing them. I planted a mock bite at the mole and then pulled her tits with my teeth while she let out slow ecstatic moans. She was burning up now and started exploring her options. I was wearing a bermuda short and with a firm and hard pull she got it down from my waist. However, it got stuck at my cock and to my pleasure she immediately put her mouth to the covered shaft. She kept bobbing up and down on it and slowly started to remove the fabric with her skilled hands. Now my shaft was there in all its glory pointing heavenwards and showing the first signs of pre-cum. She started licking my balls and slowly worked her way up towards the head of the cock, kissing and licking in between. By now she had climbed onto the small couch near the wall to better align herself with my cock.

My hand reached for her pussy and soaked itself in her juices which had already started flowing generously. I fingered her with my middle finger for some time and soon my ring finger also joined the /party/">party. She had started moaning uncontrollably by now and was surely on her way to an orgasm. Her mouth wrapped around my rod and she started to suck it in and out as if it was a pussy. She kept wetting it with her mouth and was giving me jitters every now and then. I started to finger her faster so we could come together as I could sense my own climax building up. Her pussy started to get tighter around my fingers because of the faster strokes and I knew she is going to come. Her mouth responded by swallowing my length to the maximum and then going furiously at the rod like a steam engine on a roll. I started to moan to tell her I am about to come but she didn?t remove her head from there and this triggered my hand to start rubbing her clit and putting the two fingers deep inside again. As soon as I made 2-3 insertions she came like a dam breached and seeing her /ecstasy/">ecstasy my shaft broke loose too. It was terrific view with her pussy drenching my hand till the wrist and my cock painting her mouth and nose and cheeks. She got down on her knees and licked my cock clean like a professional, then picked the drops off her cheeks with her finger and then licked them deep. We both got so tired of it all that we were panting for a good 5 minutes after that.

After sometime she got up and wearing her machine- dried but still wet clothes, she turned towards the main door and said, "I think ma?am won?t be there tomorrow either, right?" "Right" I said.

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