!bang poses is FREE to group members

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!bang - OPEN & FREE

VIP Group

!bang poses store location

I’m making a very different come back by creating a very different shopping experience. I don’t know of any other store doing this, but let’s see how it goes, shall we?

!bang Poses VIP group members will get the ENTIRE inworld store for FREE.

The store will periodically change. Its full of older products. If I do create new items at the mainstore location, you will get those for free too.

How to shop the inworld store:
Wear you VIP group tag, and click all the vendors you want for free. Items will be delivered right to you. No more redelivery terminals or store credit or anything. Just simply click and get that item.

If I create for a shopping event:
If I create at an event, that product(s) will be at the usual cost. They may or may not appear in the store. CERTAINLY not right after the event closing. If I do place the event item at the store, it will be after some months have past.

If you don’t stay in the group or want something that’s not in the store:
DO NOT ask for that item. I plan to update the MP so you can shop that (yes at cost). This free shopping idea is only available for what I place at the mainstore location only. I can’t stress that enough.

There will be NO more redelivery of items as I can’t prove that you own that pose if you collect it from the free store. Sure if you bought it, I have the history of the purchases, but not if you picked up at the free store. Sorry.

Group Refunds/Issues:
Tough. Sorry, I’m drawing a huge hard line on this. No refunds, no re-dos because you accidentally left the group, etc. You leave, you repay/pay the group fee. No IFs, ANDs or BUTs. Hard line of NO refunds or transferring your membership to alts, others, your mothers, your pets or whomever.

Rules and all that legal mumbojumbo are subject to change. But really that’s the jist. Play nice, be nice to each other and to me.

? Luna Jubilee
!bang poses owner


!bang poses closing

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!bang poses sale

all things are 100L
Store closes on 15JULY
come in NOW before its MP only and full priced

!bang poses mainstore location


!bang poses at TMD – June

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!bang - sunset

!bang - sunrise

The Mens Dept location


FLF & Sale Extended

FLF is happening today at !bang poses – check out the two items:

!bang - ledge sits

!bang - homme leaning

The 50% off anniversary sale has been extended to end TODAY!

!bang poses mainstore location


Amatorum – Outdoor Stage

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Amatorum plans to kick off a Summer Series in a few weeks including a not-be-missed theme party. This exclusive to members only venue will provide more details to the inworld group in the coming days.

Amatorum outdoor stage

Join the inworld group for Amatorum today: click here


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