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Beetle Mania!

This morning I was getting a second helping of Verbal Stew. Jellybean posted about this super cutie beetle … and guess what – its PINK!! As soon as my eyes gobled up all the goodness, I ran directly for Beetle Mania! by Furia Freeloader.

Way worth the $500L just for the pink factor alone … but I never owned a car in SL. When I say totally worth it – its WAY WORTH IT! I took my good friend Gracie Jessop out for a spin this afternoon on the Pontiac sim. We giggled the entire way around the track at my horrible driving skills!! What day wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t have Battered Boudiour on my body! *giggle*
And of course, I had to plug my friend, Bannock Ogg’s, radio station – Renegade Radio – which is headquartered on the Pontiac sim. Check out his stream!outfit: Battered Bouboir-Diabolique/Shoes: Maitreya-Grace in Pearl/Rings: Fantasia by RH Engle/Skin: NST Hybrid II: Nymphet – Face #5 by Nevermore/Hair: Katya {white & black} by Deviant Kitties Shop


Home Early

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Now this is the best way to be welcomed home… just me and him in Niagara Falls.


While I am gone …

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*Warning: RL event*
Yes I am going away this weekend … going to see family.

While I am gone, check out these cool places:
This Side of Heaven – a new club
Whatchama Call It Tattoos & Tee Shirt Shop – the largest and the crazies tee shirt shop
Battered Boudoir – Women’s Clothing, accessories, tattoos. Great quality at a low cost
Givenchi Garment District – Second Life’s Hottest Designers in one place


Stuck … sorta

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Once again, teleporting is down inworld.. and again I am stuck. But really I can’t really call it “stuck” since I am in Morocco! Just when I dusted off my virtual passport, SL decides to force me to thumb it around the world. Umm, does this mean I have to hoof it everywhere? Hmm … what shoes should I wear??!

outfit: DollBaby-black by Here Comes Trouble/Shoes: Sleek Silhouetts by Silhouett/Rings: Fantasia by RH Engle/Skin: NST Hybrid II: Nymphet – Face #5 by Nevermore/Hair: Anette {white & black} by Deviant Kitties Shop


Mount Aurora Artists Village East

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This morning, my friend, GM Nikolaidis, brought me to see his art gallery (GMP Photography) and discuss future business plans. While there he showed me this beautifully designed sim, Breeze. Mount Aurora Artists Village East is a soothing setting to watch stunning sunsets, browse amazing art studios and really just get lost in the details and textures.


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