Stir Crazy … or just plain crazy …

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I went into work today for a short time thinking I could get work done. Well not the case, my phone is non-stop, my task bar is set ablaze from the blinking unread IMs, and I am here blogging. My ADD is kicking in over-drive … I need out! I was seriously crazy thinking that today would be a good day to go into work for some peace and quiet while I finished a project.
The parking lot was empty (great parking spot close to the front door!) … but my two office chairs have seen more people sit in them than they did all year!! Granted I really do love my co-erkers, and I haven’t been out of my office to gab … so I guess they are starting to come to me.
I know by now you are thinking “go farking home, crazy chick!” Totally wishing I could but this project has been on my plate now for days and I have been home goofin’ off in SL at home. So what do I do … head into work so I leave the temptation of loggin’ in SL. Instead I am blogging and getting caught up on the latest office gossip!! gah!
/me flips through her Ipod for songs as she blogs

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