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A Thousand Meanings

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My Stumps

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This is where I’ve been spending so much of my time … I am so in love with my new place, my neighbors are terrific and the house is finally decorated. Even tho my “stumps” aren’t very exciting as someone has called my choice in patio design… its home.

/me dances her heart out around the beach dorkily.*
*reference to Launa Fauna’s blog post with the Chai skin winners.


SuperBowl Ready!

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Tonight would have been when I would pack for the Superbowl in Phoenix, AZ. Due to RL issues, I’ll be at home watching the commericals and halftime … and maybe the game just like the rest of ya. I know I can’t really gripe about it since this is the first year I won’t be in attendance at the game. I guess I’ll always have the found memories of the Miami rain… and those daym good VIP pre-game parties – check out the pics!

Go Eagles … uh.. umm… Giants!! (so thankful it wasn’t Dallas!)


Tiny Empires

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If I haven’t said it before … I love being in Sparta! Since leaving my last Liege, I took a hit in acres and survived a sabotage or three … and with the help of a very generous King, my family is rebuilding and settling in just fine. Sparta is quite simply an amazing bunch of crazy, lovable, and unforgettable people. Never has a family in Tiny Empires, in my opinion, been so fun! To boot the group chats are down right hysterical and sometimes silly – oh yeah they actually help each other too.
As of late, the topic of my conversations is Tiny Empires. So it seems I have now come out of “retirement”. My own family (new and old) have been just as supportive with the move and are loving Sparta!
Kinda funny I am being labeled a “traitor” from my past family, so I hear. When honestly, not one representative has approached me to ask “hey Luna, whydcha leave?”. Instead, “friends” drop off my friends list. So here’s the reasoning: its nice to feel apart of a line where my family matters. I said it, I know there will be backlash… but hey, its the truth, from my perspective.

Eh ~ all is fair in love and tiny empires!!

I am an awful person

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I have so neglected my blog for the last few days … so …
Check out SLFashionality… hehe and a shameless plug


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