Coffee & Conversation

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Phebs and I headed over to a sandbox to rezz out some of my houses. We started talking in the open… decided to rez a coffee table and a few chairs … soon enough we gathered a crowd. We talked to everyone that either walked by, sat in the empty third seat or those who pulled out their own seats. Topics of conversations were just as unique and unusual as the people that walked near us. Eventually, we were warned about the PG rating. Honestly that didn’t stop the laughter or people rezzing their own chairs! Someone rezzed out Danger signs, construction zone thingys and made it snow… amoung other interesting objects! Someone broadcasted the gathering too … and we had an unofficial geeter to say “hello” to new eavesdroppers and innocent bystanders to our circle. The guys that actually work at the sandbox were pretty cool (hey Davey & ‘quid!)
I never really thought that that many people would be that interested in two chicks and their chatter!! We had a blast!!
Coffee and Conversation could be coming to a sandbox near you!!
Phebs – you’re picking out the next place!! ;)

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