Tiny Empires

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If I haven’t said it before … I love being in Sparta! Since leaving my last Liege, I took a hit in acres and survived a sabotage or three … and with the help of a very generous King, my family is rebuilding and settling in just fine. Sparta is quite simply an amazing bunch of crazy, lovable, and unforgettable people. Never has a family in Tiny Empires, in my opinion, been so fun! To boot the group chats are down right hysterical and sometimes silly – oh yeah they actually help each other too.
As of late, the topic of my conversations is Tiny Empires. So it seems I have now come out of “retirement”. My own family (new and old) have been just as supportive with the move and are loving Sparta!
Kinda funny I am being labeled a “traitor” from my past family, so I hear. When honestly, not one representative has approached me to ask “hey Luna, whydcha leave?”. Instead, “friends” drop off my friends list. So here’s the reasoning: its nice to feel apart of a line where my family matters. I said it, I know there will be backlash… but hey, its the truth, from my perspective.

Eh ~ all is fair in love and tiny empires!!

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