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yeah yeah yeah … I haven’t blog lately. I promise all is well … I’m just being a lazy bum goofin’ off. Well that isn’t really true tho … I finally started landscaping and actually tried building.
Landscaping is easy – buy, rezz and adjust (aka Luna-proofed).

Building is another story…

After nearly 16 months of SL, I’ve never built a thing. After minimal sleep and some guidance, the 100-prim fountain was created! Yuppers its 100-prims but the textures rawk *hugs you!*. All-n-all, it was a relatively positive experience and the best part, no nails were broken.
Big Hugs and Thanks to all who helped me. Funny, most of them came over wearing tool belts, what’s that all about … are my schemes that bad that we now wear tool belts to help me?!

/me runs off to buy a pink tool belt

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