3 Basic Rules of SL Dating

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Dating in SL isn’t too far removed from RL dating. There are three basic elements that any relationship needs to be well just that a “relationship”. If one fails, the relationship is well … over or in some cases, never had the chance to start.

1 – Talk. A basic way to connect. Surely we all don’t speak the same language in SL. Still many overcome those barriers. It doesn’t take much to open an IM window and say “Hey!”. Talking shouldn’t be started only by one party. Its a two-way communication.

2 – Spend time together. Pretty easy, or at least one would think it would be easy if you enjoy each other’s company. Invite your squeeze over for hour long conversations while cuddling, dancing or sitting on your new Pillow Talk Patio Set. This time should not be spent in IMs or busy with other SL matters (only thing to trump this should be RL).

3 – Cuddle/Touch. Just like RL, people crave affection. Again, head over to your fav pose ball store … or like me PillowTalk pillows are all over my property. Great for when friends visit but also when you want to relax with your special one.

Good luck … and try these techiniques sometime and see how far you will get when you send a TP to your cutie-pie.

**Luna’s Note: I’m single! Just in case there are any blurred lines.**

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