*Review* Kunglers' New Releases

Early this morning, AvaGardner Kungler (owner of Kunglers) gave me the newest that she will be putting out in her store sometime today.  Kunglers is quickly becoming my favorite place.  She and Barbara seem to watch the fashion trends.  It very apparent with these two releases.  I love love the high waisted pants, mini jackets, and babydoll dresses.

I have to admit, I fell in love with “Estella”.  The highwaisted pant with cuffs to the ruffled collar … and … the pearls without the mini jacket.  Completely me.  (Sorry I feel like I’m cheating on my jeans and tees collection in this outfit.)  :)


“Pecatto” is just so sweet and innocent. Its all things yummy rolled into a babydoll dress.  The bold jewel red tone to the sassy sequin hem – totally cute! The thigh high tights give it that adorable quality that begs to be pairs with a laced shoe.



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