When the lights go out …

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… it gets dark, *really* dark.  Penny is apparently afraid of the darkness.  So here I sat in the pitch black with a very scared little pug at my feet.  I lit some candles and plopped back down in my overstuffed chair to snuggle her.  (Talk about an exciting night.)

Luckily my lappy had some battery life and live in an area with community wifi.  I had to share this pic on my flickr … and now here.

Pugs make great guard dogs.  Oh, btw, the power is back on, life is good.  How did the Flintstones do it?!

6 Comments to “When the lights go out …”

  • Aww poor pug-baby, she looks really unhappy in that photo…Pugs are such gorgeous little dogs with bags of personality..I’m not jealous that you’ve got a pug. Honest:)
    ( Well, 6 cats and one Staffy puppy-how could i possibly be jealous?)

    Kitty =^..^=

    No, stuff it, I am jealous..I love Pugs:)

  • ok then I won’t tell you have another pug too. hehe

    I lub my pugs :)

  • mine crawl under the blankys with me when it storms out… all snuggly, cept for the fawn sheds so very very much…and the black one drools.. and they both snore.. and I love them more than anything..LOL

  • Speaking of blackmail photos…. *goes searching*

  • @elusyve – my little boy for the first time last nite cuddled *under* the blankets – I was shocked!

    @noel – We would have a great blackmail war – laughing at each other!!!! *looks for more bad pics of him AND herself*

  • OMG that face! <3’s pugs!

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