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**RL Post Ahead**

Today I stayed home to “celebrate” my last treatment (but that’s for another post).  While drinking my ginger root tea to help settle my stomach, I channel surfed.  Yeah, I pretty much hung out on the couch and watched TV all day. In doing so, I’ve discovered my pugs fight, alot!, and daytime television stinks.  I mean really its bad.  I’ve even found out I like really really bad reality tv.  You know the kind.  “Flavor of Love” reruns but only the seasons with “New York” … she’s wow – no words there.

Okay, I will even admit, I like watching all the M*A*S*H* reruns, repeatedly. Who knew it is on so many channels … it was like never-ending. What a great show.

Also, I found Fuse, which I have no clue what channel that is, has a great Top Whatever-Number music video countdown.  My new song – check it out.

Also, I discovered SL is really dull during the day.  I apparently don’t know many who are online during my daytime hours.  Yes I could have done those mashup outfits I’ve been promising.  But really, Oprah was on. Oprah, people, Oprah!

Yeah, my day was totally lazy. I’m completely fine with that.  After the last few days, I needed the break.  Okay, back to doing, well, nothing. *grins*

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