Let's Talk Skin

Friday I was welcomed inworld by several IMs from readers (thank you!!). I really do love hearing from all of you D Listers. You all keep this thing going … I truly welcome any comments, feedback and IMs. Always!

One of my newest readers, sent over a tip about a freebie skin at Ivalde (sorry freebie is now gone from the store as it was a limited time offer). Upon hearing this, I popped over to Ivalde. Oh Oh Oh! The skin are … *swoon* … adorable! I immediately tossed it on and got naked back at the studio (thankfully its 700+ meters up!).

I even did a post with wearing the freebie skin. I didn’t even take it off when I booked over to Codie’s for a party or for surfing or shopping or whatever else I did this weekend. Honestly, people noticed this skin. It was amazing to have people stop and ask about it.

Come Sunday, I wanted more … like way more. I had to refrain from buying them all. I stood in the store, TPed in people for their opinions (yes its an event when I change skins) and bought a set. (ok, I’ll be going back for the rest of the sets too.)

For a mere $800L, you will get THREE different lip shades. Yes – THREE! Are you kidding me?! A fabboo skin for less than $1000L … and to get 3 in one pack is unheard of … *dies*

I even sent Bells Semyorka over to see the skins … of course she had some instore navigation issues. Perhaps, I should have went with her or carried her or something. (I just think she got overly excited like I did… but shhh, don’t tell I said that, k?)

**That’s Dylan.  Ain’t he just the yummiest?!  hehe**

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