My Weekend Gripe

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My weekend was completely and utterly way too fun. There wasn’t a moment I wasn’t laughing or surrounded by fantastic friends.  I really have to thank everyone for goofing off with me. You can always drop by my HQ … typically always there!! Altho, be warned, you may end up on my flickr stream. hehe

Now here’s the gripe. One that has been voice many times… Where the heck are all the men’s clothing stores?! Its near impossible to find men’s clothing.  I took someone shopping a week or so ago … hmm who was that … anywho. Dylan wanted to go this weekend.  Again, I struggled to find “decent” clothing for him. We browsed Truth’s sale (love his stuff), Armidi (of course), Kari (fabboo cheap jeans with prim cuffs) and Primitive Design (a bunch of casual attire).

It really got me thinking … why aren’t there more fashion designers for guy stuff? I know there are more women in SL … got it.  But umm hello, we won’t look good with a putz on our arm! Us chicks can get all dolled up but it all goes out the window when he shows up looking like a dud.

Thankfully we have great bloggers for men’s fashion … I really feel for them. It has to be super difficult to find new and exciting places, look good and still deliver fresh concepts! (I have my favs bookmarked on the side, check ’em out!)

If you have any other ideas for places, please let me know. I’m really curious to see if there are designers other than the “big names” like Armidi and the likes. Leave me comments or inworld IMs … really I want to know!

**PS-that’s me and Tinman. I love this pic. He’s always wearing the funniest graphic tees and jeans … isn’t there more out there than just tees and jeans?! Pose by CnS.**

5 Comments to “My Weekend Gripe”

  • Check out Alphamale. I can drop you some review copies for one of your guys if you like.

  • Go to Sweetgrass 87, 86, 251. Lots of nice mens store. The mall is called Center for Men’s Clothes and Fashion. Check it out! I just stumbled upon it today. :)

  • come over to sf design :)
    ive been making mens clothes in sl for 4 years and believe me there are WAY more mens designers now then when i started :) Sweetgrass mens mall is a good place to check out a few as has already been said.

  • Woman, I told you to have your friend check out Men’s Second Style and browse for something he could sink his teeth into.

    There are tons of good men’s stuff on the grid, but it’s easier when you know the specific tone/style you’re looking to achieve. And money to back up your taste doesn’t hurt.

    Of course, when you ask at 3AM words don’t come easily as the brain is foggy.


  • Thank you everyone :))

    Expect Catero. You’re fired! :P

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