[Series] Shopping with HALEY – Part 3

Now here’s a long overdue post: [Series] Shopping with HALEY!!  Don’t ask me what I’ve been doing … I know I was around and same with her.  We attempted to shop a few times together … but ya’ll know, SLife happens. To be honest, shopping with HALEY is just an excuse to let loose and be silly for a change. What a change of pace for me … I swear!

This shopping adventure we headed out to one store (teaser to a future post) but really ended up invading Canimal.  Yes I’m a huge Canimal lovah *worships her shoes* … but really this outfit is way too cute not to show off.  Sometimes chicks just need to be silly and have giggley time.

HALEY totally picked out my colors. I would have chose the black tutu *grins* Ok back to the tutu.  Tons of colors … with coordinating, or in my case, not so coordinating colors.    After catching up on gossip, we traipsed through my inventory for cutesy stuff.  I had no idea I had half of it. wow.  HALEY suggested fun funky fishnets and crowns … completely a detour from my usual path of “tame”.  Again, this is why I blog these shopping trips.

Check out the pics … she snapped them (I did the crop). I did notice in the one pic she got me snapping a pic of her.

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