Its About Me. Period.

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Ever just have an “Ah Ha” moment? You know what I mean … its that split second when “things” (whatever they are) just come together. Its that very moment when the world stops and there is clarity.
My “ah ha” moment was well … more like a series … and my clarity is really starting to come into focus. Its about me. Its about me finding me. I think I finally figured it out. Finally, my baggage is gone. I’ve stopped noticing people’s comings or goings and letting so much more of their issues just roll off my shoulders. The weight has been lifted.
Things that I thought were my issues really aren’t. Worrying about others who never worry about me is now longer a main concern of mine. At some point, that worrying was killing me. I think I finally just came into my pixeled skin … and now, just now after 18 months, I’m finally hitting my stride. I’m now enjoying being inworld – making remarkable new friends, voicing my opinion without fear of retribution, and finally being happy.
It feels good to be, well, me.

6 Comments to “Its About Me. Period.”

  • Amen, sister! I couldn’t agree with you more. Life seems to slowly pass you by while your worrying for others and neglecting yourself. I am so happy for you and that “ah” moment is one of the best moments of your life!
    Hugs and I am so on your page!

  • Honesty with yourself and others always works best, in my experience, good to see you’ve found that clarity of thought :) which is so often lacking in this incredible environment of Second Life.

  • this post touched me – when I think of how we first came into contact.
    I’m so glad u have ‘found yourself’ and like what you see.
    maybe you have had a glimpse of who you are thru the eyes of your true friends and seen the beauty that is there.
    you have a kind heart and you are so funny with so many wonderful talents.

  • wow Luna, ty for sharing this ;) I’ve had many “aha” moments like this in my RL…however in my SL things were different. I am currently in the “aha” process i think? LOL if ya know what i mean ;) This post DEFINATELY inspires me and makes me think…

    Specially this part :
    “Things that I thought were my issues really aren’t. Worrying about others who never worry about me is now longer a main concern of mine.”

    I think i should read and re-read this a few times ;)

    Ty Luna, and i’m happy for you!!!

  • what Beulah said X 10000000 :)

  • GROUP HUG! You guys just amaze me! <3

    @sysy – I was there once. Still trying to recover … its a long road when I look back. Where I am now has an amazing view of the future. *hugs* You will get there. Baby steps.

    Thank you everyone for your comments and readership … but more importantly, your friendship. :)

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